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Flashlite #128

Laura CantrellOne Hundred Dollars is an americana band from Toronto. They have a third album out called Song of Man, but this is their debut at The Little Lighthouse. DM Bob and The Deficits is another americana band in today’s show, but they draw their main influences from the 80s cow punk. Still, they hail from a very unamerican Hamburg in Germany and DM stands for Deutch Mark. Japanese retro rockers The Routes also debut today at the show with their new record called Alligator. Singing Loins are well known to our visitors and they have a new single out. It makes me very happy to see that Laura Cantrell is also back with a new album filled with Kitty Wells covers.

Ray Charles – I Can’t Stop Loving You;
The Berkeley Squires – The Best I Can;
Hunx And His Punx – Tonite Tonite;
Bäddat För Trubbel – Snälla, Snälla;
Harlan T Bobo – My Life;
The Routes – Be My Jane;
DM Bob and the Deficits – Satellite of Love;
Lou Reed – Sattelite Of Love;
Booker T. Jones – The Bronx (Featuring Lou Reed);
Blue Sandalwood Soap – Northwest Airlines;
The Rolling Stones – Good times, bad times;
Peter Case – Good Times, Bad Times;
One Hundred Dollars – Work;
The Singing Loins – Ain’t The World A Lovely Place;
Niam Amor and Susie Hug – Les Bruits;
Bonnie Whitmore – GTO;
Laura Cantrell – Kitty Wells Dresses;
Kitty Wells – I Can’t Stop Loving You.