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Flashlite #189

Perry BaggsThis show is dominated by several new names today. First, we have the Connection – a power pop band from Portsmouth, NH. They are joined by Wyatt Funderbunk as a guest, who we also have for the first time. Then we have the Black Oil Brothers, an interesting unpretentious mixture of traditional blues and other types of art. For instance, on their site you can download a nice story of a struggling painter. Another new name are the Australian band The Murlocks. We also have some good old friends here with new music. Singing Loins are about to put out the new record called Here on Earth and David Eugene Edwards is back with another Woven Hand release. Nick Cave invited Mark Lanegan to sing on the soundtrack for the movie that he wrote Lawless.

We also say goodbye to Perry Baggs, the drummer of Jason and The Scorchers who died on July 12th this year after a long battle with diabetes and kidney problems. Last month the Scorchers, held a memorial to help cover the funeral costs. We play two songs from the Scorchers repertoire, cowritten by Baggs.

Mikal Cronin – Situation;
Jason And The Scorchers – Six Feet Underground;
The Connection – I Think She Digs Me (With Wyatt Funderbunk);
Thee Oh Sees – Lupine Dominus;
Redd Kross – Winter Blues;
Dawes – Coming Back To A Man (Live in CLE);
Chilli Willi And The Red Hot Peppers – Midnight Bus;
Dan Stuart – Clean White Sheets;
The Black Oil Brothers – Not Gonna Leave Her;
Link Wray – Fire And Brimstone;
Mark Lanegan – Fire and Brimstone;
The Wandering – Glory, Glory;
Othar Turner’s Rising Star Fife and Drum Corps – Glory Hallelujah;
Woven Hand – King O King;
The Murlocs – Manny’s Bar;
The Singing Loins – Crying Out Loud;
Jason And The Scorchers – Far Behind.

Flashlite #128

Laura CantrellOne Hundred Dollars is an americana band from Toronto. They have a third album out called Song of Man, but this is their debut at The Little Lighthouse. DM Bob and The Deficits is another americana band in today’s show, but they draw their main influences from the 80s cow punk. Still, they hail from a very unamerican Hamburg in Germany and DM stands for Deutch Mark. Japanese retro rockers The Routes also debut today at the show with their new record called Alligator. Singing Loins are well known to our visitors and they have a new single out. It makes me very happy to see that Laura Cantrell is also back with a new album filled with Kitty Wells covers.

Ray Charles – I Can’t Stop Loving You;
The Berkeley Squires – The Best I Can;
Hunx And His Punx – Tonite Tonite;
Bäddat För Trubbel – Snälla, Snälla;
Harlan T Bobo – My Life;
The Routes – Be My Jane;
DM Bob and the Deficits – Satellite of Love;
Lou Reed – Sattelite Of Love;
Booker T. Jones – The Bronx (Featuring Lou Reed);
Blue Sandalwood Soap – Northwest Airlines;
The Rolling Stones – Good times, bad times;
Peter Case – Good Times, Bad Times;
One Hundred Dollars – Work;
The Singing Loins – Ain’t The World A Lovely Place;
Niam Amor and Susie Hug – Les Bruits;
Bonnie Whitmore – GTO;
Laura Cantrell – Kitty Wells Dresses;
Kitty Wells – I Can’t Stop Loving You.

Flashlite #110

Willie NileFirst of all, let me say hi to all the listeners from Kragujevac. There is a brand new radio station over there called Radio Centar 987 and starting from today, they will broadcast The Little Lighthouse every Thursday from 10pm (Central European Time). Kragujevac, welcome to the show! Today we have three new albums. We don’t have English bands on the show as often as some other shows and podcasts, but today we have two of them. British Sea Power is a name that brings Brit pop associations, but their sound somewhat stiffer over all, especially on the opening song of their new album called Valhalla Dancehall. London band Singing Loins however is as far from the Brit pop as you can be (which is a compliment of course!) and they have a new album too called Stuff. Third new album for this week is The Innocent Ones by the legendary New York outsider Willie Nile. We also represent one new band today. Their name is The Plastic Pals and they come from Sweden. Apparently, they belong to a movement called paisley vikings, and the syntagm sounds great and brings great associations, but I wish I knew more of the bands from the movement.

Devin Hill – Run Like Hell;
Happy Birthday – I Want to Stay (I Run Away);
British Sea Power – Who’s In Control;
Rolling Stones – (Walkin’ Thu A) Sleepy City;
The Parting Gifts – Sleepy City;
Green On Red – Rainy Days And Mondays;
The Slummers – Last One Out;
The Plastic Pals – She’s Going Back;
The Singing Loins – Where’s My Machine Gun;
The Singing Loins – The Topless Twins Of Allhallows-On-Sea;
Willie Nile – Topless Amateur;
Willie Nile – Old Men Sleeping On The Bowery;
Tim Lee 3 – Salty Tears;
The Sports – When You Walk In The Room;
Beachwood Sparks – Sister Rose;
Siluete – Uhvati vetar;
Sid Selvidge – Try And Catch The Wind;
Peter Isaacson – Catch The Wind;
Bill Fox – The Story Of You.