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Flashlite #129

Gil Scott-HeronToday we have one cause and three obituaries. First the cause… We would like to help the music producer from Arizona Craig Schumacher to raise funds for his battle with cancer. Through the nineties and on Craig helped either as an engineer or a guest musician or a producer on many great records by various bands in and out of Arizona (such as Green On Red and Calexico or Tim Lee 3, Steve Wynn and Neko Case). Craig is now battling the cancer (and the health system) and needs your help. Go to this link and check out what you can do: craigvscancer.chipin.com In addition to the cause for Craig, we also have three obituaries. We remember Gil Scott-Heron, Owsley Stanley and John Walker.

Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised;
Gil Scott-Heron – Lady Day and John Coltrane;
Gil Scott Heron And Brian Jackson – The Bottle;
Gil Scott-Heron – Free Will;
Frank Zappa And The Mothers – Who Needs The Peace Corps;
The Grateful Dead – Alice D. Millionaire;
Janis Joplin – Try (Just A Little Bit Harder);
The Walker Brothers – The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore;
The Walker Brothers – Love Minus Zero;
The Walker Brothers – Saddest Night In The World;
John Walker – True Grift;
Friends of Dean Martinez – Cabeza De Mojado;
Steve Wynn – There Will Come A Day;
Green On Red – She’s All Mine;
The Band of Blacky Ranchette – Mope-a-Long Rides Again;
Tim Lee 3 – Mile-Long Midway.

Tim Lee 3 – Good2b3

Tim Lee 3Tim Lee is a southern gentleman with a respectable career in rock’n’roll behind him. He started out in Mississippi’s own new wave outfit The Windbreakers. Like all proper things that come from the south, Tim’s new wave was deeply rooted in rock’n’roll traditions while still being always fresh. Forward thinking college rock crowd at the time embraced The Windbreakers as a rare jewel and the band kept their cult status throughout the years. Tim also had a very special interstate adventure with Matt Piucci when they gathered Gone Fishin’ recorded a great lost masterpiece Can’t Get Lost When You’re Goin’ Nowhere in 1987. But, much like his friend Steve Wynn, Tim Lee is experiencing a new, exceptionally strong artistic inspiration in past several years with his new trio Tim Lee 3. Baring the sound down to the bones – bass, guitars and drums with added confessional lyrics to top it all, Lee and his trio deliver a straight-forward rock with honesty rarely found today and any day. The new album Good2b3 (Paisley Pop Label 2008), is third in row aimed at the same direction. What adds extra oil to this burning hot platter is contribution from Susan Bauer Lee, bass player of the band and Tim’s wife, who contributes as an author and performer as much as Tim does on this new album. A special credit for this record definitely goes to its engineers Craig Schumacher and Chris Schultz who run Wave Lab Studios in Tucson AZ and who are obviously responsible for capturing the greasy, Crazy-horse-like, live sound of the band.