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Flashlite #35. The Best of 2008.

Cobra VerdeSo here we are. 2009 has started and we’re back on line every Thursday. The first show this year is dedicated to the greatest music in 2008. This is an entirely personal list and it’s most likely totally different than yours. But I still hope that you might find it interesting. My personal favorite in 2008 is Cobra Verde’s album Haven’t Slept All Year. It’s been in making since 2006 really and the band put a lot of effort into it. It’s their most diverse album yet, as good as legendary Nightlife. But because of my strong emotional attachment to this record, I’m leaving it out of competition. This makes Paul Westerberg’s experiment in novel forms 49:00 the greatest record in 2008 at the Little Lighthouse. Look below for the full list. My favorite unreleased album in 2008 is another one of my personal favorites. It’s Kamo Sutra’s new record, expertly recorded and exciting, one hundred percent fun. In today’s show, we go through the best albums of 2008:

00 Cobra Verde - Haven't Slept All Year
01 Paul Westerberg - 49:00 ... of Your Time Life
02 Alejando Escovedo - Real Animal
03 Endless Boogie - Focus Level
04 Gentleman Jesse And His Men
05 Dirtmusic
06 Brimstone Howl - We Came In Peace
07 Tim Lee - Good2B3
08 Drones - Havilah
09 Thee Oh Sees - The Master's Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In
10 All The Saints - Fire on Corridor X
11 Service Industry - Limited Coverage
12 Fleshtones - Take A Good Look
13 Evangelista - Hello Voyager
14 Lucinda Williams - Little Honey
15 Willie DeVille - Pistola
16 Pierced Arrows - Straight To The Heart
17 Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Primary Colours
18 Mojomatics - Don't Pretend That You Know Me
19 Electric Six - Flashy
20 You Am I - Dilettantes

And the playlist is:

You Am I – Frightfully Moderne;
Electric Six – Face Cuts;
The Mojomatics – Losin’ Time;
Eddy Current Suppression Ring – We’ll Be Turned On;
Pierced Arrows – Mr. Soul;
Willy Deville – When I Get Home;
Lucinda Williams – Real Love;
Evangelista – Smooth Jazz;
The Fleshtones – ;
The Service Industry – Job of Quality;
All The Saints – Fire on Corridor x;
Kamo Sutra – Nemam Para;
Thee Oh Sees – Ghost in the Trees;
The Drones – Oh My;
Tim Lee – (untitled);
Brimstone Howl – USMC;
Dirtmusic – Panther Hunting;
Gentleman Jesse and His Men – Butterfingers;
Endless Boogie – Gimme The Awesome;
Alejandro Escovedo – Real As An Animal;
Paul Westerberg – Who You Gonna Marry;
Cobra Verde – Free Ride.

Flashlite #30

Quintron The new name in today’s show is Peter and The Pets, a band from Antwerp in Belgium, a band clearly influenced by all the coolest 80s underground, which us at the Lighthouse hold so dearly to our hearts. Another name is The War on Drugs from Philadelphia. They are an interesting version of post modernist approach to rock, but with heavy influences in 60s rock. So, creativity and modernity with a careful eye on the past. We appreciate that rare approach here at the Little Lighthouse. Nils, the KLSU Funkpreacher is back with his band of ten years, Funkdienst. New Orleans keyboardist Quintron is also back with a new album called Too Thirsty For Love. From my brief visit to Zagreb, I bring you the newly mastered recordings by Kamo Sutra, who are about to package them up into a brand new CD. Elvis Costello also had a very good album earlier this week, which took us some time to present. But it’s a really good one. It’s entitled Momofuku, after the Japanese inventor of instant soups! And that’s all for today, folks!

Georgie Fame And The Blue Flames – Last Night;
Elvis Costello – American Gangster Time;
Quintron – Waterfall;
The Heretics – Soul Rebel Party;
Diplomats of Solid Sound – Plenty Nasty;
Funkdienst – Tough Talk;
Peter And The Pets – Don’t Think;
Van Morrison – It’s all Over now Baby Blue;
The New Salem Witch Hunters – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue;
The War on Drugs – Arms Like Boulders;
Kamo Sutra – Osmijeh daj;
The Descendents – Ride The Wild;
The Replacements – Tossin’ N’ Turnin’;
James Luther Dickinson – Nature Boy;
Lonesome Brothers – Seated At The Devil’s Table.

Flashlite #13

Hugo RaceFor all the hard working people all over the world, happy May Day! We’re bringing you some interesting new stuff at the Little Lighthouse today. First of all, Tim Lee is back with a rocking new album Good2b3. Also, rock’n’roll kings without crowns, Kamo Sutra from Zagreb have brand new recordings which will soon be their new release. They sent out the raw, still unmastered recordings and we sample them with one wonderful song Kretendo. Cheap Time from Tennessee is an interesting new band and we check them out too. Former Bad Seed, Hugo Race, has a new album called 53rd State. We heard Hugo earlier this year as one of the Dirtmusic participants. We continue exploring the San Francisco 60’s rock scene with The New Breed. Here it is, episode lucky number 13. I would also like to drive your attention to our this week’s bonus. Zikica Simic in his show Down On The Corner this week features his favorite SST Records LPs. Kim Fowley once said that the music you loved during your high school summer vacations is something that stays forever with you. That’s SST for me folks, so please check that out.

Fun Boy Three – The Lunatics (Have Taken over the Asylum);
The Windbreakers – That Girl;
Tim Lee 3 – Saving Gracie;
Tim Lee – Across The Tracks;
Birdinumnums – She-Say-Go-vocal;;
Peachfuzz – Hero Of Nineteen Eighty Three;
The Beatles – Paperback Writer;
The New Breed – Want Ad Reader;

Quiver – Reason For Staying;
The Wallabies – White Doors;
Dirtmusic – Still Running;
Hugo Race & True Spirit – Dumb Down;
Jeffrey Novak’s One Man Band – Don’t Leave Me Alone;
Cheap Time – Glitter & Gold;
Kamo sutra – Kretendo;
Subhumans – America Commits Suicide;
Dinosaur Jr. – Just Like Heaven.