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Flashlite #265

Sarah BorgesToday we have two new names from Vacilando ’68. Both names come from the Medway area in Kent, England. They are Theatre Royal and Stuart Turner. Susie Hug had a fantastic album with that label a few years ago called Tucson Moonshine and she announced a new record soon called Hug Is The New Kiss. Sarah Borges from Boston is back with her new album Radio Sweetheart. War on Drugs from Philadelphia have a new record as well. We also check out a track from Eamon McGrath’s upcoming EP Exile pt.2.

The Melted Americans – What’s Going On;
War On Drugs – A Needle In Your Eye Number 16;
War on Drugs – Burning;
Sarah Borges – Same Old 45;
Sarah Borges – Hands and Knees;
Susie Hug – Down To the Water;
Susie Hug – Winter Snow Is Falling;
Theatre Royal – Doubt;
Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society – Mindspikes;
Willie Dixon – Spoonful (Blues Alphabet);
Cream – Spoonful;
Eamon McGrath – Ecstasy Railings;
Eamon McGrath – Running From The Cops;
Norman Nardini and The Tigers – Undercover Lover (Live in CLE);
Lisa Mychols – Choke Up.

Flashlite #104

The Girls At DawnOne of my favorite rock’n’roll genres is paisley underground where a bunch of 80s bands revisited the sound of the 60s. I keep hearing and reading lately how there are new bands that embrace these bands as huge influences. Basically, we have bands that revisit the 80s bands who revisited the 60s sound. I think that’s wonderful! Today we represent three such bands, two of which are brand new. We have Brooklyn ladies The Girls At Dawn and The Parties from San Diego for the first time at the show. Third band is not a stranger to us, it’s La Fleur Fatale from Sweden. In the mix, we also hear some classic paisley recordings. Talking about paisley-power-pop, Paul Collins from The Nerves and The (US) Beat is back with a new record. Two excellent records that came out earlier this year, but we never got a chance to play them are here also: Nobunny with First Blood and Demon’s Claws with Defrosting. And Kurt Vile’s War on Drugs are also here with a new record, although with Vile out of the band for this particular release…

Ducks Deluxe – Too Hot To Handle;
The Girls At Dawn – They’re Waiting;
The Parties – Catastrophic Storm;
The Nashville Ramblers – The Trains;
The Wind – Wake Up;
La Fleur Fatale – Last Ride;
Steve Wynn An The Miracle 3 – Cloud Splitter;
Felt – Apple Boutique;
The Nerves – Working Too Hard;
Paul Collins – You Tore Me Down;
Pete Townshand – Circles;
The Greenhornes – Saying Goodbye;
Nobunny – Live It Up;
Nobunny – Ain’t It A Shame;
The Parting Gifts – Strange Disposition;
Susan Cowsill – River of Love;
Endless Boogie – Mighty Fine Pie;
John Fred and His Playboys – When The Lights Go Out;
Demon’s Claws – Anny Lou;
The War On Drugs – Comin’ Through.

Flashlite #30

Quintron The new name in today’s show is Peter and The Pets, a band from Antwerp in Belgium, a band clearly influenced by all the coolest 80s underground, which us at the Lighthouse hold so dearly to our hearts. Another name is The War on Drugs from Philadelphia. They are an interesting version of post modernist approach to rock, but with heavy influences in 60s rock. So, creativity and modernity with a careful eye on the past. We appreciate that rare approach here at the Little Lighthouse. Nils, the KLSU Funkpreacher is back with his band of ten years, Funkdienst. New Orleans keyboardist Quintron is also back with a new album called Too Thirsty For Love. From my brief visit to Zagreb, I bring you the newly mastered recordings by Kamo Sutra, who are about to package them up into a brand new CD. Elvis Costello also had a very good album earlier this week, which took us some time to present. But it’s a really good one. It’s entitled Momofuku, after the Japanese inventor of instant soups! And that’s all for today, folks!

Georgie Fame And The Blue Flames – Last Night;
Elvis Costello – American Gangster Time;
Quintron – Waterfall;
The Heretics – Soul Rebel Party;
Diplomats of Solid Sound – Plenty Nasty;
Funkdienst – Tough Talk;
Peter And The Pets – Don’t Think;
Van Morrison – It’s all Over now Baby Blue;
The New Salem Witch Hunters – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue;
The War on Drugs – Arms Like Boulders;
Kamo Sutra – Osmijeh daj;
The Descendents – Ride The Wild;
The Replacements – Tossin’ N’ Turnin’;
James Luther Dickinson – Nature Boy;
Lonesome Brothers – Seated At The Devil’s Table.