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Flashlite #104

The Girls At DawnOne of my favorite rock’n’roll genres is paisley underground where a bunch of 80s bands revisited the sound of the 60s. I keep hearing and reading lately how there are new bands that embrace these bands as huge influences. Basically, we have bands that revisit the 80s bands who revisited the 60s sound. I think that’s wonderful! Today we represent three such bands, two of which are brand new. We have Brooklyn ladies The Girls At Dawn and The Parties from San Diego for the first time at the show. Third band is not a stranger to us, it’s La Fleur Fatale from Sweden. In the mix, we also hear some classic paisley recordings. Talking about paisley-power-pop, Paul Collins from The Nerves and The (US) Beat is back with a new record. Two excellent records that came out earlier this year, but we never got a chance to play them are here also: Nobunny with First Blood and Demon’s Claws with Defrosting. And Kurt Vile’s War on Drugs are also here with a new record, although with Vile out of the band for this particular release…

Ducks Deluxe – Too Hot To Handle;
The Girls At Dawn – They’re Waiting;
The Parties – Catastrophic Storm;
The Nashville Ramblers – The Trains;
The Wind – Wake Up;
La Fleur Fatale – Last Ride;
Steve Wynn An The Miracle 3 – Cloud Splitter;
Felt – Apple Boutique;
The Nerves – Working Too Hard;
Paul Collins – You Tore Me Down;
Pete Townshand – Circles;
The Greenhornes – Saying Goodbye;
Nobunny – Live It Up;
Nobunny – Ain’t It A Shame;
The Parting Gifts – Strange Disposition;
Susan Cowsill – River of Love;
Endless Boogie – Mighty Fine Pie;
John Fred and His Playboys – When The Lights Go Out;
Demon’s Claws – Anny Lou;
The War On Drugs – Comin’ Through.

Flashlite #32

George ReevesThis show brings two lo-fi premieres. We have George Reeves from Oregon and Satan’s Youth Ministries from Alabama. Can you name your band in Alabama like that and get away? Apparently so. A hi-fi premiere is Swedish band La Fleur Fatale, a band that will be touring USA next year on the same bill as the rejuvenated Electric Prunes. Also, we’re checking out the newest album for the Electric Six called Flashy. Flashy and flamboyant as usual!

Neil Young – Revolution Blues;
Gentleman Jesse and His Men – I Get So Excited;
Paul Westerberg – C’mon Be My Darling;
Replacements – Talent Show;
Paul Westerberg – Down On The Farm;
Electric six – Lovers Beware;
Dax Riggs – Forgot I Was Alive;
Warren Zevon – I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead;
The Outta Place – We’re Outta Place;
Satan’s Youth Ministers – Xanax Love;
George Reeves – Latest Enemy;
Judge Bone – Ramona;
Death Of Samantha – Redd Kross;
Cobra Verde – Run Away;
Fit – Zaboravit cu sve;
Empty State – Drug;
La Fleur Fatale – Night Generation;
Black Claw – Another Useless Day;
Brinsley Scwartz – Unknown Number;
Died Pretty – Ambergris.