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Flashlite #30

Quintron The new name in today’s show is Peter and The Pets, a band from Antwerp in Belgium, a band clearly influenced by all the coolest 80s underground, which us at the Lighthouse hold so dearly to our hearts. Another name is The War on Drugs from Philadelphia. They are an interesting version of post modernist approach to rock, but with heavy influences in 60s rock. So, creativity and modernity with a careful eye on the past. We appreciate that rare approach here at the Little Lighthouse. Nils, the KLSU Funkpreacher is back with his band of ten years, Funkdienst. New Orleans keyboardist Quintron is also back with a new album called Too Thirsty For Love. From my brief visit to Zagreb, I bring you the newly mastered recordings by Kamo Sutra, who are about to package them up into a brand new CD. Elvis Costello also had a very good album earlier this week, which took us some time to present. But it’s a really good one. It’s entitled Momofuku, after the Japanese inventor of instant soups! And that’s all for today, folks!

Georgie Fame And The Blue Flames – Last Night;
Elvis Costello – American Gangster Time;
Quintron – Waterfall;
The Heretics – Soul Rebel Party;
Diplomats of Solid Sound – Plenty Nasty;
Funkdienst – Tough Talk;
Peter And The Pets – Don’t Think;
Van Morrison – It’s all Over now Baby Blue;
The New Salem Witch Hunters – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue;
The War on Drugs – Arms Like Boulders;
Kamo Sutra – Osmijeh daj;
The Descendents – Ride The Wild;
The Replacements – Tossin’ N’ Turnin’;
James Luther Dickinson – Nature Boy;
Lonesome Brothers – Seated At The Devil’s Table.