Flashlite #24

The Moondoggies Here we are in another episode of The Little Lighthouse. We open up with a brand new song for legendary Husker Du drummer Grant Hart, which he posted to his myspace page. It’s great to see him back and perhaps this means that the new album is also in plans. New York’s traditionalists Endless Boogie, named after a Johnny Lee Hooker classic LP, debut at today’s show. The Moondoggies from Seattle WA also debut. Both bands are proof that rock’n’roll is here to stay. A cool compilation record came out this year – it’s called Thank You Friends and it chronicles the Memphis recording studio and label Ardent through a series of amazing and rare tracks. So, we check that out too in today’s show.

Grant Hart – Anything;
Grant Hart – School Buses Are For Children;
Paul Westerberg – You’re My Girl;
Paul Westerberg – Everyone’s Stupid;
Paul Westerberg – What Do You Want;
Paul Westerberg – Never Coming Back;
David Bowie – Hang Onto Yourself;
Disciplina kicme – Ti znaÅ¡ da tvoja soba ima cetiri ugla;
John Lee Hooker – Endless Boogie, Parts 27 And 28;
Endless Boogie – Smoking Figs In The Yard;
The Moondoggies – ‘ol Blackbird;
Bassholes – Blackbird;
Don Nix – Miss Eleana;
Sid Selvidge – Miss Eleana;
Brinsley Schwartz – Ballad of a Has-been Beauty Queen;
Gaby Novak – Nisam nikada trazila nista vise od ljubavi;
Mary Wells – Bye Bye Baby.

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