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Flashlite #27

This one is an insane episode! I was fiddling around with my turntable and I wanted to play a show entirely consisted of my old 45s. While I was making the show – the motor on the turntable died! You can actually hear that moment in the show! Then, I finished the show with a fixed turntable sometime later, but you get to hear it right away. I guess, the only real premier in this show is the 7″ I dug out in Cleveland of an old new wave experimental outfit called the Modern Art Studio. But I went through horrors making this show watching my turntable die and that’s what makes this one interesting – I guess!

Pekinska Patka – Buba Rumba;
The Boys – Weekend;Til Tuesday – Voices Carry;
Mott The Hoople – All The Young Dudes;
The A-Lines – One Day;
Continental Drifters – Meet On The Ledge;
The Box Tops – Soul Deep;
Mike Therieau – Midnight Apr #9 Blues;
Sonic Chicken Four – Don’t Let Me Down;
The Who – Dogs Pt 2;
Sonic Love Affair – Reverberation;
The Wildbunch – Gay Bar;
Blackbird – Big Train;
The Limes – Rock’n’Roll Heart;
Modern Art Studio – Photogreys;
Tad – Jinx;
The Run For Cover Lovers – Sixteen;
Sarlo Akrobata – Mali covek;
The Vendettas – Can’t Stop;
Swag – Every Little Truth;
Studeni Studeni – Gledaj kako ljubav umire;
Gupa 220 – Grad;
Gulliver’s People – On A Day Like This.