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Flashlite #365: Vinyl Junkyard 17

Midnight RecordsHere we go, second Vinyl Junkyard special of The Little Lighthouse in a row. In these special episodes I play almost entire LPs that I found dirt cheap somewhere laying in some bargain bin at a record store.

Midnight Records is a label ran in the 80s by their boss J.D. Martignon over in New York City. Even today, there is a records store under the same name, just a few blocks down from where the old headquarters were. Midnight Records released a good number of 45s and LPs in the late 80s and some of the most interesting recordings on their label were compiled on an album called Hanging Out At The Midnight Records. This album is the main topic of today’s edition of Vinyl Junkyard and more, we spiced up the playlist with some of the other releases from the rich catalog of this label.

Midnight Records promoted a return to old basic rock’n’roll especially with releases by the greatest band that was on that label The Fuzztones.

Plan 9 – Gone;
The Mighty Mofos – I Need You;
The Cavemen – Labor Day;
The Woofing Cookies – Girl Next Door;
The Woofing Cookies – In The City;
The Wind – Good News Bad News;
Absolute Grey – No Man’s Land;
The Love Pushers – Radio Girl;
The Tryfles – No;
The Tryfles – Your Lies;
Frosted Flaykes – Waste Your Time;
Plasticland – Flower Scene;
The Vipers – Never Alone;
The Cheepskates – About You;
The Kingsnakes – So Good;
The Backbones – The Rain Won’t Stop;
Howard And Tim’s Paid Vacation – That Won’t Make You Leave Me;
The Mighty Mofos – Stranded;
The Outta Place – We’re Outta Place;
The Fuzztones – The Witch;
The Fuzztones – Bad News Travels Fast.