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Flashlite #134

T Model FordToday we start with a large blues set. In it, we listen to newest albums for Dave Alvin, Gadalupe Plata and T Model Ford. We also hear later on new music for two great garage bands: Cleveland’s own New Lou Reeds and Slovenian Res Nullius.

Jeff Beck – Morning Dew;
North Mississippi Allstars – New Orleans Walkin’ Dead;
Dave Alvin – Run Conejo Run;
Mama Rosin – Voodoo Walking;
Rainer – Shuldin’t Worry About That;
Guadalupe Plata – Boogie De La Muerte;
T-Model Ford and Gravelroad – Little Red Rooster;
The Rolling Stones – Little Red Rooster;
T Bone Burnett – Love At First Sight;
Hayvanlar Alemi – Hayalgucu Sporkulubu;
Mavi Isiklar – Iyi Dusun Tasin;
New Lou Reeds – I Am A Monster;
Res Nullius – Krvavi kolaz;
Res Nullius – Zadovoljstvo;
Taste – Dual Carriageway Pain;
Husker Du – Games.

Flashlite #95

smRtsFolks, here it is, second show for this season! We continue filling out gaps that happened while we were gone over the summer. One of the most pleasant surprises that happened recently is the return of Dan Stuart of Green on Red with his new band The Slummers. He, producer JD Foster and two Italian musicians created this new band and a ultra fun record called Love Of The Amateur. Australian band smrTs that we know from their demos last year are finally out with the first official CD. They call it Sun Sets On A New Tomorrow and it’s full of catchy instrumentals. Satin Gum from Pittsburgh are once again here with another extremely catchy EP which is once again self-titled. Clevelanders The New Lou Reeds have an LP out called Hit Songs. Another Cleveland band Scarcity of Tanks is back with another disc, which they call Bleed Now. And, we also have two débutantes, both from Canada, Strange Attractor and Red Mass and they share a cool split-EP. But the whole show starts with Dax Riggs who has a new album out called Say Goodnight To The World.

Agents of Oblivion – Cosmic Dancer;
Dax Riggs – Let Me Be Your Cigarette;
Slummers – Bowery Boy;
Danny and Dusty – Song for the dreamers;
Green On Red – Snake Bit;
Strange Attractor – Comatose;
Red Mass – Stains;
Nick Cave – Deanna;
Gentleman Jesse And His Men – Deanna;
smRts – On The Road’s Edge;
Mizar – Istekuvam;
Eamon McGrath – Cadillac Rosetowne;
Satin Gum – Hip Shake Heartbreak;
Satin Gum – Run For Covers;
Spampinato Brothers – Refined Man;
New Lou Reeds – Torch’d;
Scarcity of Tanks – Caravan Hooker.