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Flashlite #134

T Model FordToday we start with a large blues set. In it, we listen to newest albums for Dave Alvin, Gadalupe Plata and T Model Ford. We also hear later on new music for two great garage bands: Cleveland’s own New Lou Reeds and Slovenian Res Nullius.

Jeff Beck – Morning Dew;
North Mississippi Allstars – New Orleans Walkin’ Dead;
Dave Alvin – Run Conejo Run;
Mama Rosin – Voodoo Walking;
Rainer – Shuldin’t Worry About That;
Guadalupe Plata – Boogie De La Muerte;
T-Model Ford and Gravelroad – Little Red Rooster;
The Rolling Stones – Little Red Rooster;
T Bone Burnett – Love At First Sight;
Hayvanlar Alemi – Hayalgucu Sporkulubu;
Mavi Isiklar – Iyi Dusun Tasin;
New Lou Reeds – I Am A Monster;
Res Nullius – Krvavi kolaz;
Res Nullius – Zadovoljstvo;
Taste – Dual Carriageway Pain;
Husker Du – Games.