Flashlite #94

Eamon McGrathHere we are again after a summer long hiatus. Students are back to school, cold days are here and hot rock’n’roll selections too. This show is filled with some of the most exciting music that came out while we were gone. We have Eamon McGrath from Canada for the first time in our show. Interesting character who recorded tons of music alone in his bedroom for years until last year when his album 13 Songs of Whiskey and Light broke out internationally. Eamon is unusually talented songwriter that has a great future. We hope that his new album Peace Maker is just as good as 13 Songs. Another new songwriting name in today’s show is Pat Hull. He also wrote a number of songs back in his old hometown of Chico in California, until he moved to New York City recently. He has a new album called Fable Names. Spampinato brothers, Joey of NRBQ and Johnny of The Incredible Casuals recorded a new solo album called Pie In The Sky together with another Incredible Casual Aaron Spade. They are touring USA and keep your eye on the events in your town. Their shows are outstanding. Endless Boogie, blues gods from Brooklyn are also here with a new album Full House Head. Limes, Memphis band fronted by Shawn Cripps is also back with the new album Rhinestone River, which comes a few years after their Internet-only album Tarantula, which we loved five years ago. We love the new one too. One of the most exciting album this summer was the new album for Peter Case, who teamed with DJ Bonebreak from X to record Wig!. Case reinvented himself as a hot rocking bluesman and it totally works. Come tune in next week after you hear this one and don’t forget our bonuses!

NRBQ – I Want You Bad;
The Incredible Casuals – College Girls;
The Spampinato Brothers – I Say Good Day Goodnight;
Aaron Spade – Selfish;
Eamon McGrath – Big River;
Eamon McGrath – Cold Alberta Nights;
Pat Hull – The Builder (live at The International Folk Bazaar);
Pat Hull – The Builder;
Tav Falco – Sympathy for Mata Hari;
Endless Boogie – Gimme the Awesome;
Endless Boogie – Tarmac City;
Limes – Do You Mind;
Limes – Merrilly;
Peter Case – Old Blue Car;
Peter Case – New Old Blue Car;
Ronnie Spector – Try Some Buy Some.

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