Flashlite #774 – Best of 2023


It’s that time of the year when we look back on a year and pick the best albums we liked to go back to at this show. The list shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s not easy to make a list like this, there is a lot of albums to hear, not enough time and let’s face it, old music is better than the new one. But here we are, let’s dig into positions from 30 to 14. And log in next week for top 13.


Bark – Rock Club
The Murlocs – Superstitious Insight
Osees – Intercepted Message
Alien Nosejob – Second Chance
Chinese Herbal Medicine – Greed
Divine Horsemen – It’s Still Nowhere
The Laissez Fairs – A Wildforce
Connections – Raisin
Those Pretty Wrongs – Always The Rainbow
Lemon Twigs – Ghost Run Free
Elli de Mon – I Can See You
Machine – 04 – Ride On Crash Kick
Motorpsycho – Loch Meaninglessness and the Mull of Dull
Ghost Woman – 3 Weeks Straight
John Mayall – The Sun Is Shining Down
Kara Jackson – Pawnshop
Natural Child – Swanee