Flashlite #571

Ruby The Hatchet

Welcome to the first regular show in 2020. We’re loaded with the new stuff. We have the new single for Ruby The Hatchet. These hard rocking Philly folks released a cover of Uriah Heep and also visited Cleveland, so we have them in our Live in Cleveland segment. On the power pop side of things, we hear the new single from Mo Troper over in Portland and one of the relatively new tracks from his fellow Oregonian Stan McMahon. Covering my old haunts, we introduce Triggers and Slips from Salt Lake City and Bipolaroid from Louisiana. Although, the latter band will confuse you, they sound like they’re from UK circa ’67. We also have recent tunes from Impulsive Hearts over in Chicago and Madd (or are they The Viles now?!) from California. One of the bands that fell through the cracks last year, Coke Dares from Bloomington IN resurfaces today. We close the show with two tributes to the heroes that we lost in the battle of life. Dave Riley of Big Black and Roy Loney of Flamin’ Groovies.

Brett Smiley – Highty Tighty;
Stan McMahon – Faith In You;
Mo Troper – Jas From Australia;
The Whiffs – Now I Know;
The Exclusives – Sinking Gondola;
Starcrawler – Love’s Gone Again;
Triggers & Slips – Blue Smoke;
Bipolariod – 5D Printing;
Pink Floyd – Astronomy Domine (Stereo);
Spirit – It Shall Be;
Earth and Fire – Lost Forever;
The Coke Dares – Don’t Pretend You’re Alone;
Ruby The Hatchet – Easy Livin’;
Ruby The Hatchet (Live in CLE);
Uriah Heep – Easy Livin’;
Impulsive Hearts – Alien;
Madd – Cemetery Plans;
Big Black – Passing Complexion;
Flamin’ Groovies – Slow Death;
Flamin’ Groovies – Have You Seen My Baby;
McGuinness Flint – Who You Got To Love.

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