Flashlite #802

Soul Movers, Lizzie Mack

Garage extravaganza today leading with three rockers from Spain The Gagarins, F.A.N.T.A and Boston Babies. Down in Oceania, we check out Better Vics and Soul Movers from Australia and The Cavemen from New Zealand. Mochines are here from Boston, Bad Beats are from Vancouver and Martin Savage comes from the UK with his Jiggerz.


Split System – Hold It
The Gagarins – Space Cocktail
The Cavement – Without You
The Judges – The House Always Wins
The Ramones – You Should Never Have Opened That Door
F.A.N.T.A. – Jorge y Maria
Corrupted Ideals – Ignite It
Lava Fangs – Make Up Your Mind
The Mings – Timebomb
The Soul Movers – You-Turn
Boston Babies – Mullets y Cigarrilos
The Sleeveenss – Full Dollar
Deniz Tek – Blood From A Stone
Bitter Vics – Lonesome Rider
The Mochines – This is Rock and Roll
The Liqorice Experiment – Man of Action
Zerodent – Headshot
The Bad Beats – Drive Slow
Martin Savage And The Jiggerz – On The Run
Alien Nosejob – The Executioner
Ladrones – Todo Me Fascina
Franky Says