Flashlite #801

The Anti-Queens

Today we start off with a small tribute to one of the greatest: Steve Albini. He passed away on May 7th and a new posthumous Shellac album followed just days after the tragic event. We also check out new music by Las Nubes from Florida, Glitter Wizard from San Francisco, The Anti-Queens from Tornoto, Gone as Gone from Canada, Stonebride from Croatia Handsome Jack from Buffalo and Custody from Finland.


Big Black – Passing complexion
Shellac – Chick New Wave
Las Nubes – Pesada
Rapeman – Up Beat
Pink Mexico – Swear Words
Glitter Wizard – Motorider
The Anti-Queens – Bulldozer
Mannequin Pussy – I Got Heaven
Street Panther – Heathen
Good As Gone – The Ticket
Stonebride – In Presence
Appalooza – Killing Maria
Motorpsycho – Young Man Blues
Custody – Hollow Times
Handsome Jack – It’s Understood
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant – Please Read The Letter