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Flashlite #795


Yugo rock special today! We hear new music from Špurijus and Pridjevi in Split, Slick Stings, Tidal Pull and Zen from Zagreb, Gazorpazorp from Belgrade, Izae from Dubrovnik and Nemi pesnik from Novi Sad. We also check out a new single from Kojoti in Vinkovci. They held an unforgettable show this February which I was lucky to attend. We also hear a few tunes from the Novi Sad new wave scene which were super rare until they recently appeared on a compilation CD. We close the show with one of the new songs from Marko Artukovic in Sabac who keeps cranking exciting new songs on a regular basis.
Speaking of Yugo rock, for Clevelanders, Slovenian National Home is organizing a Yugo Rock event on May 31st at 6pm. So, if you want more of this…..


Grad – Noc
Špurijus – Dobar Covjek
Kojoti – Danima
Kojoti – Trese lupa udara
Majke – Zbunjen i osamucen
Slick Stings – Control You
Tidal Pull – Uvijek dvanaest
Pop Masina – Zemlja svetolsti
Dah – Ako pozelis
Ggazorpazorp – Dišemo zajedno
Nemi pesnik – Kako
Luna – Metropolis (brzi)
Yu Grupa – Noc je moja
Izae – Trik
libertybell – Pismo Mileni
Boye – Takav dan
Žen – Nedamise
Pridjevi – Solar Maximum
Divlje jagode -Sejla
Marko Artukovic – Zanos

Flashlite #600

Bad Movies

Nice round episode number today. But instead of an exaggerated jubilation, we go with another fun episode. W.H. Michael opens it with a Bill Fox cover. Then we introduce The Speedways from London UK. Bad Moves have a new album and ANC4 over in Sweden, a new single. Doug Tuttle and Flesh Panthers are back with new songs. Mings in Netherlands are a new band for us and so is Nemi Pesnik, from Novi Sad, Serbia.

Bill Fox – Lonesome Pine;
W.H. Michael – Lonesome Pine;
The Speedways – Empty Pages;
Chris Church – Someday’s Coming Fast;
Rocket Bureau – Crimson Lady;
Petrified Max – Power Pop Heart;
Bad Moves – Tides;
ANC4 – Make up your mind;
The Whiffs – She Lies;
Beat City Tubeworks – Archaic Approach;
The Jam – Away From The Numbers;
The Mings – Had My Fill;
Doug Tuttle – All Alone;
Olivia Tremor Control – NYC 25;
Honey Radar – Wind-Up Man;
The Reflectors – Break me down;
Nite Sobs – I Need to Hear it;
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – She’s There;
Nemi pesnik – Matematika;
Flesh Panthers – Holy Roller;
Mo Troper – Old Man.