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Flashlite #795


Yugo rock special today! We hear new music from Špurijus and Pridjevi in Split, Slick Stings, Tidal Pull and Zen from Zagreb, Gazorpazorp from Belgrade, Izae from Dubrovnik and Nemi pesnik from Novi Sad. We also check out a new single from Kojoti in Vinkovci. They held an unforgettable show this February which I was lucky to attend. We also hear a few tunes from the Novi Sad new wave scene which were super rare until they recently appeared on a compilation CD. We close the show with one of the new songs from Marko Artukovic in Sabac who keeps cranking exciting new songs on a regular basis.
Speaking of Yugo rock, for Clevelanders, Slovenian National Home is organizing a Yugo Rock event on May 31st at 6pm. So, if you want more of this…..


Grad – Noc
Špurijus – Dobar Covjek
Kojoti – Danima
Kojoti – Trese lupa udara
Majke – Zbunjen i osamucen
Slick Stings – Control You
Tidal Pull – Uvijek dvanaest
Pop Masina – Zemlja svetolsti
Dah – Ako pozelis
Ggazorpazorp – Dišemo zajedno
Nemi pesnik – Kako
Luna – Metropolis (brzi)
Yu Grupa – Noc je moja
Izae – Trik
libertybell – Pismo Mileni
Boye – Takav dan
Žen – Nedamise
Pridjevi – Solar Maximum
Divlje jagode -Sejla
Marko Artukovic – Zanos

Flashlite #709


Yugo rock update today. We check out new music from Dino Santaleza and his project Pridjevi. Sajzerbiterlemon from Belgrade have a new album together and Detroit Groove Gang puts out a new single. Marko Artukovic continues to keep cranking out good music online. Igor Djeke from Harp Explosion and Discpipln A Kitchme joined forces with Fat Zed for a new project: Deadrail. We also check out a bunch of new bands: from Belgrade Kpax! and Crna Zuc, from Zagreb Tidal Pull and from Bosnjaci Ukleti Dukat. Older songs are mostly from new vinyl reissues from Jugoton and Bind Dog Records.

Luna – Nestvarne stvari;
Kpax! – Nas trenutak;
Crna Zuc – Izgažena Buducnost;
Elektricni Orgazam – Svaka nova noc;
Dah – Idem prema suncu;
Tidal Pull – Dezen (Ljetna pjesma za nesretan rodjendan);
Detroit Groove Gang – Farewell My Friend;
Haustor – Radnicka klasa odlazi u raj;
Idoli – Glavna ptica;
Deadrail – Ghost;
Sajzerbiterlemon – Strepnja;
La Strada – Pesak i sunce;
Indexi – Blago;
Pridjevi – Viva;
Ukleti Dukat – Kada budes iso preko;
Angel’s Breath – Crv;”
Via Talas – Brodovi;
Xajka – Meka Masina;
Marko Artukovic – Da li je to kraj;
Boban Petrovic – Perlica;
Disciplina Kicme – Vaspitanje.

Flashlite #630

Palmyra Delran

We start today with new music from Palmyra Delran and continue with new stuff from Chris Church. Continuing the theme of nice songwriting, we check out the new tune from Andy Gabbard. Then we check out music from another Andy, Andy Lewis who we know from his recent collaborations with Judy Dyble. Fernando Perdomo continues his weekly new releases with another new album. Armories is a new name for us, they participate on the recent tribute to 20 20. Than we go to the remains of Yugoslavia and we hear the new Steve Wynn cover from Zvonka Obajdin and Svemir . Also, we hear a brand new tune from Dino Santaleza and Pridjevi. Staying on the same ground, but covering different times, we pay a tribute to Branko Marušić Čutura and Đorđe Balašević, both of them passed away within a day from each other recently.

Dinosaur JR – Hide Another Round;
Palmyra Delran and the Doppel Gang – Who’s Been Sleeping Here;
Chris Church – Know;
Chris Church – Coulda Fooled Me;
Andy Gabbard – DDS;
Andy Gabbard – Instant Trancer;
Andy Lewis – Pipeline;
Plastic Penny – Baby You’re Not To Blame;
Chad and Jill – The Cruel War;
Fernando Perdomo – Class of 98;
The Armoires – The Night I Heard a Scream;
20 20 – The Night I Heard a Scream;
Petrified Max – Get the Guitar;
Dream Syndicate – Whatever You Please;
Svemir – Whatever you please;
Pridjevi – Scarab;
Pridjevi – Pozuri polako;
Yu Grupa – Noć je moja;
Rani Mraz – Mnogo mi znači to;
ĐorÄ‘e BalaÅ¡ević – Lunjo.