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Flashlite #800

Grace Cummings

If you like round numbers, then you should be excited that this is the 800th episode of “shortened” Little Lighthouse, since I moved to Ohio. If you add over 200 episodes from Utah and Louisiana, we’re way pass 1000 episodes. Other than that, we give you another average Little Lighthouse show (which is way beyond anything in the podcast universe). We start off with veterans: Paul Weller and Richard Thompson. Another veteran is our good friend Mike Watt, who has a new album with his Italian friends Stefano Pilia and Paolo Mongardi. We also have new tunes by John Larson from Providence, Lava Fangs from Melgourne, Sticker Clun from Sydney, Magic Fig from San Francisco and Street Panther from Montreal. A special treat is a great new singer, debuting at The Little Lighthouse, Grace Cummings from Melbourne.


Paul Weller – All The Pictures On The Wall [Demo]
Paul Weller – jumble queen
Richard Thompson – The Fear Never Leaves You
Richard and Linda Thompson – Jet Plane in a Rocking Chair
Fernando Perdomo – The Silent Sun
John Larson and The Silver Fields – Don’t Look Too Fast
Lava Fangs – Photograph
Daniel Romano – Where’s paradise_
Mike Watt – Piss-Bottle Man
If Sogno Del Marinaio – Purple, Orange, Green + Yellow
The Sticker Club – Way Up High
Motorpsycho – Hey, Jane
The Loons – Daffodils Or Despair
Magic Fig – Goodbye Suzy
Grace Cummings – Ramona
Doris Troy – A School For Fools
The Stems – Leave You Way Behind
Lucius – Hey, Doreen (The New Recording)
Street Panther – Aggro
Gyasi – Cheap High

Flashlite #789

Hurray For The Riff Raff

The Amplifier Heads joined forces with Barrence Whitfield on their new single. Daniel Romano has a new album with his Outfit. Dream Machine over in Utah have a new single. Kill Devil Hills from Perth, AU have a new album. Reflectors are back with another super catchy tune. Roots rock duet Courettes from Denmark continue their productive sequence of hits. We even have a bit of a supergroup today. Members of Spongetones, Spygenius plus Chris Church and Dolph Chaney collaborate in The Electromagnates. John Larson has a new song with his Silver Fields. Our friends from the first episodes Special Pillow have a new album over in New Jersey. Hurray For The Riff Raff are also finally debuting in our show after being unjustly ignored for years. All and more today in the Lighthouse.


Fugs – Morning Morning
The Amplifier Heads with Barrence Whitfield – They Came To Rock
Daniel Romano – You can steal my kiss
Daniel Romano’s Outfit – Jokerman
Steely Dan – Barrytown
The Special Pillow – A Certain Level of Uncertainty
Hurray For The Riff Raff – Hawkmoon
Rose Garden – Look What You’ve Done
Spencer Davis Group – Every Little Thing
John Larson and The Silver Fields – Don’t Look Too Fast
The Electromagnates – Airwave Hello
J Mascis – Set Me Down
Big Trouble House – Hundreds of Refugees
The Courettes – Shake!
The Reflectors – All The Way Down
Dolph Chaney – Californiagain
Fendahlene – When the Hit Began
The Kill Devil Hills – Prescribed Burns
Dream Machine – Find Me Again
Doris Melton – Red Flowers