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Flashlite #793

Aoife O'Donovan

A nice show today featuring new music by Charlie Parr from Duluth, MN, Paula Cole, Remo Drive from Mercy, MN, Moon from Netherlands, Aoife O’Donovan from New York and Impulsive Hearts from Chicago. We remember No Wayne from Sweden under their previous name Finnjävlar. Plus introducing Anonymous from Cleveland, DAR from Chicago and Fendahlene from London UK.


XTC – In Loving Memory of a Name
anonymous – tomorrow’s problems
Charlie Parr – Sloth
Eyelids – Anything Could Happen
SHEER MAG – I Gotta Go
DAR – Will 2 Luv
Fendahlene – When the Hit Began
Charles Moothart – Hold On
John Lennon – Beef Jerky
No Wayne – Sing This Song
Paula Cole – The Replacements & Dinosaur Jr
The Replacements – I’ll Be You
Dinosaur JR – Severed Lips
Remo Drive – I Find Trouble
Moon – Richard has a racecar
Japanese Television – Death Waltz II
Amelia White – Can you see me now
Aoife O’Donovan – America, Come
Impulsive Hearts – Blocked U Back
A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum

Flashlite #584

Piramid Scheme

Today we have a shiny power pop episode. We check out the new music from the rock’n’roll erudite Chris Church, new single from The DT’s and a new album from Impulsive Hearts. We also introduce Piramid Scheme from Washington DC, Jack Cades from England, Rookie from Chicago and Braden Bodensteiner from Rochester, NY. We also pay respect to Allan Merrill of the Arrows who passed away recently in New York.

Game Theory – Forget All About It (Home Recording);
Chris Church – Kiss It Goodnight;
The Jack Cades – Sometimes It Rains;
The Resonars – Days Fade Away;
Cocktails – Hospital Bed;
Rookie – Miss United States;
Braden Bodensteiner – Keeping Score;
Mellow Drunk – If Only I Could Change;
Ichabod – Carol Eat Eyes;
Piramid Scheme – Beg or Borrow;
Impulsive Hearts – boxing day;
Le serpentine – Zadeta od interneta;
Guided By Voices – Always Gone;
The DT’S – Send Me A Postcard;
Alan Merrill – Tranquility;
Arrows – I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll;
Gumbo – We Don’t Care.

Flashlite #357

Patsy Gelb of Patsy's RatsWe bring you some cool new stuff. Daughter of Howe Gelb and Paula Jean Brown (of the original Giant Sand line up), has a great band called Patsy’s Rats. Impulsive Hearts from Chicago are also fronted by a lady: Danielle Sines. Miriam Linna of Norton Records has made another new album this year Down Today. We also introduce Green Hornet from Netherlands and Sloming Moops from Zagreb, Croatia. Also from there, Thee Melomen have a new single. Peter Buck of REM is back with a nice solo record. An interesting tribute came out recently in Tucson AZ for Rainer Ptacek.

Mott The Hoople – Backsliding Fearlessly;
Green Hornet – Let It Go;
Dead Ghosts – Good Love (Is Not Free);
Miriam – So You Say You Lost Your Baby;
Miriam – I Keep Falling In Love;
Impulsive Hearts – MDB;
Rickie Lee Jones – Hunted (Live in CLE);
Peter Buck – I Hate My Life and the Way I Live;
Billy Sedlmayr – Here I Am;
Rainer – Here I Am;
Giant Sand – House in Order;
Patsy’s Rats – Rock & Roll Friend;
Thee Melomen – Chinatown;
Sloming Moops – JF Killer;
Television – See No Evil;
Jesse Winchester – She Makes It Easy Now;
Los Lobos – When We Were Free.