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Flashlite #797

Muireann Bradley

Blues and roots rock special today with new music from Mesas’s Little Albert, R.L. Burnside’s son Cedric, Sam Morrow from Texas and Bywater Call from Canada. Introducing Irish child prodigy Murieann Bradley, Japanese septet Bloodiest Saxophone in collaboration with Crystal Thomas. Michelle David and The True-tones from Amsterdam is also new to us. One of the highlights today is Delta 21, blues band from Vinkovci, Croatia, lead by Igor Djeke (ex Disciplina Kicme).


fIREHOSE – vastopol
Delta 21 – Titty Twister
Little Albert – Still Alive
Little Albert – Outside Woman Blues
anonymous – death rattle blues
Sam Morrow – Straight and Narrow
Cedric Burnside – Love You Music
North Mississippi Allstars with Cedric Burnside – Catfish
Charlie Parr – Ten Watt
Muireann Bradley – Vestapol
Bywater Call – Holler
Bywater Call – Go Alone
The Hypos – My Kind Of Party
Bloodest Saxophone with Crystal Thomas – Mailman’s Sack
Michelle David & The True-tones – That Is You
The Amplifier Heads – They Came To Rock
Elizabeth Cotten – Freight Train

Flashlite #763

Our Native Daughters

When Allison Russell, Rhiannon Giddens, Leyla McCalla and Amythyst Kiah founded Our Native Daughters in 2019, it was a revelation. Three of those amazing performers are shaking things up again in the music world with interesting new music. Their close collaborator Luther Dickinson also has a new album and we have a large block dedicated to all of them. We also check out new blues scene from Italy, especially new music fom Fabrizio Poggi and Messa. Don Howland, Annie Keating, Betty Lavette and Tracy Nelson are also back with new music.


Robert Johnson – Hellhound On My Trail
Annie Keating – Lovesick Blues
Fabrizio Poggi – Boogie For John Lee Hooker
Elli de Mon – Star
Messa – Hellhound On My Trail (Originally by Robert Johnson)
Don Howland – Poor Me
Gibson Bros – Caught In A Dream
Bettye Lavette – Plan B
Tracy Nelson – I Did My Part (Feat. Marcia Ball & Irma Thomas)
Valerie June – Don’t It Make You Want to Go Home [Joe South]
Allison Russell – Eve Was Black
Rhiannon Giddens – Wrong Kind of Right
Amythyst Kiah – Hangover Blues
Leyla McCalla – Crown
Luther Dickinson with Sharde Thomas and Sharisse Norman – Are You Sure
Sharde Thomas – Island Breeze

Flashlite #593

Maggot Heart

Today we start with the new singles Maggot Heart (Sweden) and Bad Moves (Washington DC). Then we have Guardian Singles from New Zealand with their new music and also on that side of the world, Rob Griffiths from Melbourne has a new solo album. He is usually with Little Murders. On this side of the world, Daniel Romano in Canada has several new releases and we sample them in this episode. Over in Europe, we hear a solo project of Alberto Piccolo (also in Messa). The band is called Little Albert. In UK, we hear new music from Document and Hightown Pirates. This episode of the show is dedicated to Richard Lane from The Stems, who passed away on May 12th this year.

The Stems – Love Will Grow;
Maggot Heart – Mercy Machine;
Bad Moves – Party With The Kids Who Wanna Party With You;
Mission of Burma – Fame and Fortune;
Elektricni Orgazam – Nebo;
Guardian Singles – Can’t Stop Moving;
Rob Griffiths – Wait ‘Til The Summer Comes;
Built to Spill – Jokerman;
Daniel Romano – Jokerman;
Daniel Romano – Empty Husk;
Daniel Romano – Natural Lover;
Little Albert – Mary Claire;
Messa – Leah;
Document – Uncle Sam’s Daughter;
Hightown Pirates – When the Soldiers Come;
The Stems – The Other Side.