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Flashlite #592

Sylvia Rose Novak

Today we start off with the new single from Bully. Sofia Bolt from LA has a new single out as well. Also, legendary California punk rocker Alice Bag has a new record and we check it our. Becky Black and Maya Miller of Vancouver, better known as The Pack AD are also back with new music. Eileen Rose’s new album is recorded in Muscle Shoals and so is the new Nicole Atkins album. We introduce a new artist for us, Sylvia Rose Novak who really has an astonishing new album. Tami Neilson over in Canada has a new retro inspired record. Today’s show is dedicated to Betty Wright who passed away on May 10th this year.

Betty Wright – Girls can’t do what the Guys do;
Bully – Turn to Hate;
Alice Bag – Sister Dynamite;
X – Water and Wine;
Mary May – A Lot;
The Pack AD – Soul Warden;
Tami Neilson – Any Fool with a Heart;
Big Hogg – Thanks For The Roses;
Ashley McBryde – Martha Divine;
Eileen Rose – Get Up;
Sylvia Rose Novak – Bad Luck;
Beth Bombara – Upside Down;
Aubrey Sellers – One Town’s Trash;
Whitney Rose – I’d Rather Be Alone;
Sofia Bolt – Fixture Picture;
Nicole Atkins – A Road To Nowhere;
Piramid Scheme – Modern World;
Betty Wright – Secretary.

Flashlite #459

Alicia Bognano of BullyToday we introduce Bully, a new band from Nashville, that doesn’t sound like a Nashville band, lead by Alicia Bognano on vocals. Then we check out the Canadian duet The Pack A.D. who are back with the new record. Lydia Loveless reissued her old singles into a compilation album and we sample that today. The On And Ons from Australia are also back with the new record. Also from Australia, we have Last Leaves. Electric Six are back with the new album, and so is Van Morrison. Today’s show is dedicated to Fats Domino, who passed away on October 24th.

Fats Domino – Blueberry Hill;
Bully – Kills to Be Resistant;
The Pack A.D. – Woke Up Weird;
Julie and the Wrong Guys – Heartbeats;
Baby Shakes – Turn It Up;
Esm̩ Patterson РFeel Right;
Lydia Loveless – Lover’s Spat;
The On and Ons – Mystic Eyes;
The On And Ons – Don’t Tear Me Down;
Alex Chilton – Devil Girl;
Cheater Slicks – Look Out World;
Supa Chief – Red Brained Woman;
Lost Balloons – Don’t Find Me;
Last Leaves – The World We Had;
Electric Six – Arrive Alive;
Electric Six – When Cowboys File For Divorce (Live in CLE);
Tyrannamen – Ice Age;
Bo Diddley – Ride on Josephine;
Van Morrison – Ride On Josephine;
Fats Domino – Walking To New Orleans.

Flashlite #79

The Pack A.D.Here we are again – another usually unusual episode of The Little Lighthouse. We have a brand new Mose Allison record, which he recorded with help of Joe Henry. John Hiatt has a new record The Open Road. Neo-blues duet The Pack A.D. also have a new record We Kill Computers. A great cd also came out this month for The Model Prisoners, which was a band for Sonny Vincent and Bobby Stinson after he left The Replacements. Bobby died in 1995, but a collection of recordings with various fidelity came out only now. Aleksandar made an interview with Sonny. Look for the tied up lady logo link among our bonuses on the right bar on this page. As Sweet Apple is preparing for their debut album on April 20th, an mp3 containing one of the songs from the album was distributed around. We hear that mp3, the song I’ve Got A Feeling.

Long Ryders – I Had A Dream;
Sweet Apple – I’ve Got A Feeling (That Won’t Change);
Elton Motello – Jet Boy Jet Girl;
Rollerball – Savage Eyes;
The Replacements – Careless;
Model Prisoners – Bad Attitude;
Sonny Vincent – Something I Gotta Do;
The Individuals – My Three Sons (Revolve Around The Earth);
The Pack A.D. – Underground;
The Pack A.D. – Math, The Stars;
The Who – Young Man Blues;
Mose Allison – Old Man Blues;
Mose Allison – Some Right, Some Wrong;
Mose Allison – Numbers On Paper;
Grant Hart – I Knew All About You Since Then;
John Hiatt – Carry You Back Home;
John Hiatt – Ride My Pony;
Fotomaker – Just For You;
Bob Dylan – When the Ship Comes In.

Flashlite #31

Mitch MitchellAfter Mickey Waller dying earlier this year, we’re seeing another great british drummer leaving this ugly planet. I’m sure you heard it already, Mitch Mitchell, legendary drummer of Jimi Hendrix Experience died on November 12 in his hotel room in Portland OR. We dedicate this show to him and a large portion of this show we go through some of the stuff that he recorded. The rest of the show is filled with some new stuff. Some of the new ladies on the rock’n’roll scene close the show this time. We have Jessica Lea Mayfield from Ohio and two duets, furious blues duet The Pack A.D. from Canada and an acoustic duet from Stroudsburg PA, Friday Night Parking Lots. Good old Yugo-rock band from Rijeka, Fit is back with a live record, so we check that out as well. Mark Lanegan has a new EP too. Warren Zevon’s second, selftitled album from 1976 received recently a deluxe treatment with a great new remastered sound and an extra disc of rarities and alternate takes. We compare the newly revealed alternate take of Poor Poor Pitiful Me with an early demo that came out on last year’s Preludes.

Linda Ronstadt – Poor Poor Pitiful Me;
Warren Zevon – Poor Poor Pitiful Me;
Dirty Mac – Yer Blues;
Jimi Hendrix Experience – Driving South;
Jimi Hendrix Experience – Hey Joe;
Jimi Hendrix Experience – Foxey Lady;
Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along the Watchtower;
Jimi Hendrix Experience – May This Be Love;
Fit – Macka;
Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers – A Page In History;
Mark Lanegan – Keep Me In Mind Sweetheart;
The Pack A.D. – Don’t Have To Like You;
Jessica Lea Mayfield – The One That I Love Best;
Friday Night Parking Lots – Gesture;
Cobra Verde – Haunted Heavens.