Flashlite #79

The Pack A.D.Here we are again – another usually unusual episode of The Little Lighthouse. We have a brand new Mose Allison record, which he recorded with help of Joe Henry. John Hiatt has a new record The Open Road. Neo-blues duet The Pack A.D. also have a new record We Kill Computers. A great cd also came out this month for The Model Prisoners, which was a band for Sonny Vincent and Bobby Stinson after he left The Replacements. Bobby died in 1995, but a collection of recordings with various fidelity came out only now. Aleksandar made an interview with Sonny. Look for the tied up lady logo link among our bonuses on the right bar on this page. As Sweet Apple is preparing for their debut album on April 20th, an mp3 containing one of the songs from the album was distributed around. We hear that mp3, the song I’ve Got A Feeling.

Long Ryders – I Had A Dream;
Sweet Apple – I’ve Got A Feeling (That Won’t Change);
Elton Motello – Jet Boy Jet Girl;
Rollerball – Savage Eyes;
The Replacements – Careless;
Model Prisoners – Bad Attitude;
Sonny Vincent – Something I Gotta Do;
The Individuals – My Three Sons (Revolve Around The Earth);
The Pack A.D. – Underground;
The Pack A.D. – Math, The Stars;
The Who – Young Man Blues;
Mose Allison – Old Man Blues;
Mose Allison – Some Right, Some Wrong;
Mose Allison – Numbers On Paper;
Grant Hart – I Knew All About You Since Then;
John Hiatt – Carry You Back Home;
John Hiatt – Ride My Pony;
Fotomaker – Just For You;
Bob Dylan – When the Ship Comes In.

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