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Flashlite #408

Mose AllisonToday we pay a tribute to one of the greatest jazz musicians and songwriters that the world had ever known. Mose Allison. We will explore his influence to the classic and contemporary rock’n’roll and at the same time we will listen to his original jazz versions. A special treat is a three song chain from his 2007 concert in Cleveland that completely changed my life. Allison passed away three days after his 89th birthday on November 15th this year.

Pixies – Allison;
Blue Cheer – Parchman Farm;
Mose Allison – Parchman Farm;
John Mayall – Parchman farm;
Yardbirds – I’m Not Talkin’;
Mose Allison – I’m Not Talking;
Mose Allison – If You Live;
Paul Butterfield’s Better Days – If You Live;
Meet Your Death – If You Live;
Leon Russell – Smashed;
The Gories – Smashed;
Mose Allison – Smashed;
Mose Allison – Look here;
The Clash – Look Here;
Brian Auger – Foolkiller;
Mose Allison – Foolkiller;
Mose Allison – Live in Cleveland;
Mose Allison – Certified Senior Citizen;
Mose Allison – Young Man’s Blues;
The Who – Young Man Blues.

Flashlite #396

Kelsey WaldonToday we start off with the new Dinosaur JR album that they call Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not. Then, Low Cut Connie stopped by Cleveland on August 26th and played some brand new songs from the upcoming album. Death Lens come from LA and they play a tune from their new album Fuck This. Surinam come from Toronto and Thee Oh Sees from San Francisco continue their furious discography with another new record. Meet Your Death come from Austin TX and they play us a Mose Allison tune If You Live. Then we also have two great new country singer-songwriters, Kelsey Waldon from Kentucky (pictured here) and Miss Tess from New York.

Replacements – Answering Machine;
J Mascis And The Fog – Same Day;
Dinosaur Jr – Be A Part;
Glossary – save your money for the weekend;
Low Cut Connie – Dirty River (Live in CLE);
Low Cut Connie – Revolution Rock’n’Roll (Live in CLE);
BT’s – Givin You Everything;
Death Lens – Moontower;
Surinam – Never a Next Time;
The Hotrats – Bike;
Skeptics – Hole in the ground;
Thee Oh Sees – Dead Man’s Gun;
Meet Your Death – If You Live;
Nikki Hill – Oh My;
Kelsey Waldon – Dirty Old Town;
Miss Tess – Shotgun Wedding;
Mountains And Raibows – Treat Your Mind;
Lemonheads – He’s On The Beach;
The Singles – I Can’t Believe What I Got Myself Into This Time.

Flashlite #79

The Pack A.D.Here we are again – another usually unusual episode of The Little Lighthouse. We have a brand new Mose Allison record, which he recorded with help of Joe Henry. John Hiatt has a new record The Open Road. Neo-blues duet The Pack A.D. also have a new record We Kill Computers. A great cd also came out this month for The Model Prisoners, which was a band for Sonny Vincent and Bobby Stinson after he left The Replacements. Bobby died in 1995, but a collection of recordings with various fidelity came out only now. Aleksandar made an interview with Sonny. Look for the tied up lady logo link among our bonuses on the right bar on this page. As Sweet Apple is preparing for their debut album on April 20th, an mp3 containing one of the songs from the album was distributed around. We hear that mp3, the song I’ve Got A Feeling.

Long Ryders – I Had A Dream;
Sweet Apple – I’ve Got A Feeling (That Won’t Change);
Elton Motello – Jet Boy Jet Girl;
Rollerball – Savage Eyes;
The Replacements – Careless;
Model Prisoners – Bad Attitude;
Sonny Vincent – Something I Gotta Do;
The Individuals – My Three Sons (Revolve Around The Earth);
The Pack A.D. – Underground;
The Pack A.D. – Math, The Stars;
The Who – Young Man Blues;
Mose Allison – Old Man Blues;
Mose Allison – Some Right, Some Wrong;
Mose Allison – Numbers On Paper;
Grant Hart – I Knew All About You Since Then;
John Hiatt – Carry You Back Home;
John Hiatt – Ride My Pony;
Fotomaker – Just For You;
Bob Dylan – When the Ship Comes In.

12. Amy Allison – Sheffield Streets

Amy AllisonDaughter of venerable jazz legend Mose, Amy Allison has made her own name in the songwriting world with a series of very good albums. This years Sheffield Streets is my favorite. Her music will remind you on the greatest Victoria Williams moments but what will take you by surprise is the wide range of melodic styles that Amy tackless through the album. Every song on the record is a small lesson in good songwriting. Track five is also very interesting, it’s a cover of her father’s song Monsters of the Id, performed together with Elvis Costello.