Flashlite #408

Mose AllisonToday we pay a tribute to one of the greatest jazz musicians and songwriters that the world had ever known. Mose Allison. We will explore his influence to the classic and contemporary rock’n’roll and at the same time we will listen to his original jazz versions. A special treat is a three song chain from his 2007 concert in Cleveland that completely changed my life. Allison passed away three days after his 89th birthday on November 15th this year.

Pixies – Allison;
Blue Cheer – Parchman Farm;
Mose Allison – Parchman Farm;
John Mayall – Parchman farm;
Yardbirds – I’m Not Talkin’;
Mose Allison – I’m Not Talking;
Mose Allison – If You Live;
Paul Butterfield’s Better Days – If You Live;
Meet Your Death – If You Live;
Leon Russell – Smashed;
The Gories – Smashed;
Mose Allison – Smashed;
Mose Allison – Look here;
The Clash – Look Here;
Brian Auger – Foolkiller;
Mose Allison – Foolkiller;
Mose Allison – Live in Cleveland;
Mose Allison – Certified Senior Citizen;
Mose Allison – Young Man’s Blues;
The Who – Young Man Blues.

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