Flashlite #81

Malcolm McLarenToday we feature no less than three new truly exceptional records – one for Memphis musician Harlan T. Bobo, other for Holly Golightly and finally – Sweet Apple LP is out. This week in April might have brought three best records of 2010! Harlan’s third record is entitle Sucker. Not only it’s on par with his previous two records, but it also very well may be his best one yet. Diverse piece and a modern classic. Holly Golightly is again here with her Brokeoffs and it very well might be the hight of this duet’s career. Sweet Apple’s new album Love and Desperation is an instant hit record, lots of hooks and humor, but also some unexpected lyrical depths. But, let’s not forget to dedicate today’s show to Malcolm McLaren – legendary manager of Sex Pistols and a rock’n’roll maverick who died on April 8 this year.

Lou Reed – Dirt;
Sex Pistols – EMI;
Malcolm McLaren – Double Dutch;
Disguise – Hey Baby;
Fotomaker – Come Back;
The Krayolas – You’re Not My Girl;
Harlan T Bobo – Drank;
Harlan T Bobo – Last Step;
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – Time To Go;
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – Forget It;
Burce Springsteen – State Trooper;
Woody Guthrie – Lost John;
Suicide – Johnny;
Sweet Apple – Hold me, I’m Dying;
Bash and Pop – Loose Ends;
John Hiatt – The Open Road;
Jackie Deshannon – Don’t Think Twice.

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