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Flashlite #392

Blues PillsToday we start off with Harriet Hudson. Her band Miss Destiny is back with the new LP all the way from Melbourne Australia. Writhing Squares is a new duet from Philadelphia. Three important Detroit musicians Thomas Potter, Jim Weber and Jim Diamond started a Bob Seger trubute band called Seger Liberation Army. Teenage Fanclub are also back with the new record called Here and another representative of the 90s power pop revival, Velvet Crush revisits their classic album from 1994 called Teenage Symphonies To God with an alternative demo and live version of that album. Syd Griffin’s bluegrass band The Coal Porters has released their sixth new album and Blues Pills our of Sweden and back with the new collections of their retro blues rock tunes.

Becca Stevens Band – Reminder;
Miss Destiny – Lucky Ones;
The Writhing Squares – Balloon To The Moon;
Kid Congo And The Pink Monkey Birds – Psychic Future;
Heavy Times – Edge of the Night;
Bob Seger System – Down Home;
Seger Liberation Army – Down Home;
City Yelps – 1199;
Badfinger – Just A Chance;
The Cherry Drops – Just a Chance;
Teenage Fanclub – Star Sign;
Teenage Fanclub – The Darkest Part of the Night;
Velvet Crush – My Blank Pages (demo);
Velvet Crush – My Blank Pages;
The Only Ones – Another Girl Another Planet;
The Coal Porters – Another girl Another Planet;
The Blues Pills – Elements and Things.

Flashlite #83

Sid GriffinSid Griffin now lives in England, but his work is still deeply drenched in Americana. He puts out books about music and he plays in a bluegrass band called The Coal Porters. They have a new album called Durango and we check it out in this episode. We also check out the new one for the Canadian band The Sadies. It’s called Darker Circles. In our short-lived Salt Lake City Lighthouse series we had a guest musician called Kim Simpson as a guest and he played a live set for us. His band The Mad Dukes have a new single out called Joey Superteen’s Gone and I produced it.

Uncle Green – Something To Hide;
Long Ryders – Join My Gang;
The Coal Porters – I’m Not Going Away;
Cheap Wine – Circus Of Fools;
Giant Sand – Shadow To You;
My Buddy Moose – Wonderful Feeilng of Emptiness;
Nick Curran & The Lowlifes – Flyin’ Blind;
Blasters – Keep a Knockin’;
Jon Dee Graham – (Let’s Get It) While It’s There;
Drive By Truckers – (It’s Gonna Be) I Told You So;
Harlan T Bobo – Energy;
The Mad Dukes – Joey Superteens Gone;
The Sadies – Another Day Again;
Kropotkins – Biloxi;
Suzi Quatro – Friday;
Sweet Apple – Goodnight;
Living Stereo – Soul 67;
Bill Fox – Lonesome Pine.