Flashlite #14

Pierced Arrows First 30 minutes of today’s show is very loud and the the other half of the show we mellow down easy with some folksy type of rock… at least if you consider young savage Westerberg strumming his acoustic guitar mellow. We do. So, yes that second block begins with his “protest” song Bad Worker that’s one of the “extras” on the newly re-re-released expanded versions of first four Replacement records. We check them out pretty carefully in today’s episode. The we had also the new Billy Bragg’s double CD which he calls Mr Love and Justice. Steve Wynn recoded an album in Ljubljana, so we check that out as well. In the first half, we have the new band for the former Dead Moon members Fred and Tony. They call it Pierced Arrows. We also check out new records for Wedding Present and The Ettes. Also, I got a chance to shake hands with legendary Tommy Ramone who played a show with his bluegrass duet Uncle Monk in Cleveland. So, the show ends with one of the songs that I recorded on my voice recorder that night. So, yeah – a lot of new stuff today. Dig in.

Mona Lisa Overdrive – It’s Just Too Much;
Dead Moon – Graveyard;
Pierced Arrows – Guns Of Thunder;
The Wedding Present – Happy Birthday;
The Wedding Present – Spider-Man on Hollywood;
The Wedding Present – Nobody’s Twisting Your Arm;
The Ettes – To Arms;
The Replacements – Perfectly Lethal;
The Replacements – Shutup (Demo);
The Replacements – (We’re Gonna) Rock Around the Clock;

The Replacements – Bad Worker (Solo Home Demo);
Billy Bragg – The Johnny Carcinogenic Show;
Billy Bragg – The Johnny Carcinogenic Show;
Steve Wynn – Tuesday;
Steve Wynn – Slovenian Rhapsody II;
Richard Buckner – Li’l Wallet Picture;
Paul Kelly – Every Fucking City;
Uncle Monk – Mean To Me.

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