Flashlite #67

Paul KellyOur award for the best musical Internet project in 2009 goes to the Australian singer songwriter Paul Kelly. Throughout 2008 and 2009 he ran a continuous Internet project in which for each month of the year he posted several songs re-recorded in the “unplugged” variants. Each month, one letter of the alphabet was covered (except V and X). This was a wonderful project in which Paul Kelly recorded over 100 hundred songs and posted them for free download at http://www.paulkelly.com.au/. In todays show, we cover at least one song for each letter of the alphabet, and for the other 80 plus songs, visit Paul Kelly’s website. Happy New Year by the way!

Anastasia Changes Her Mind;
Before Too Long;
Dumb Things;
Don’t Harm The Messenger;
Everything’s Turning To White;
Forty Miles To Saturday Night;
Gift That Keeps On Giving;
Hard Love;
I Close My Eyes;
Jump To Love;
Keep On Driving;
Leaps And Bounds;
My Way Is To You;
Nothing But A Dream;
Our Sunshine;
Passed Over;
Queenie and Rover;
Randwick Bells;
Stories Of Me;
Saturday Night And Sunday Morning;
South Of Germany;
To Her Door;
Until Death Do Them Part;
Won’t You Come Around;
You’re 39, You’re Beautiful And You’re Mine;

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