Flashlite #100

FawnHere we are for the 100th time at Radio SC in Zagreb. We have three new bands introducing today. Black Dub is a new band for Trixie Whitley and Daniel Lanois. Trixie is daughter of Chris and we trace the total of three of her recordings from the tender age of 9, ’till today. Kill Devil Hills are rocking out of Perth, Australia. Fawn are a melodious new band in Detroit that I’ve seen opening for the Electric Six here in Cleveland recently. Speaking of E6, they have a new album and they cover Spinner’s Ruberband Man on it. Greenhornes are also back with the new record which they call Four Stars. We give it five. And at last, we have Richard Thompson’s new live record called Dream Attic.

Bill Janovitz – Girl’s Club;
The Greenhornes – Song 13;
The Greenhornes – Shine Like The Sun;
The Greenhornes with Holly Golighthly – There Is An End;
Chris and Trixie Whitley – Alien;
Trixie Whitley – Waiting For Tomorrow;
Black Dub – Last Time;
The Rolling Stones – The Last Time;
Apache – OMC;
Monstrous – Gimmie Your Love;
Fawn – Hip Parade;
Kill Devil Hills – Hungry & Down;
Reigning Sound – Love Won’t Leave You A Song;
Spinners – Rubberband Man;
Electric Six – The Rubberband Man;
Richard Thompson – Demons In Her Dancing Shoes;
Kropotkins – When I Found You In My House.

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