Flashlite #525

Emma Ruth RundleToday we introduce Autogramm from Vancouver, Canada, Greenberry Woods from Baltimore, Ok Glass from Los Angeles and New York City, Keiron Phelan from London UK and Distortion Tamers from Greece. Emma Ruth Rundle from Los Angeles is back with a solo record and we check that out. We have a tribute to Dean Ford, the vocalist from Marmalade that passed away recently.

Labaratorija Zvuka – Proleterska pesma;
Autogramm – Sea Of Regret;
The Greenberry Woods – Are You in Love Again;
Terry & Louie – Cheated by Love;
Strangeways – Wasting Time;
Ok Glass – Moisture;
Keiron Phelan – Ain’t She Grown;
Holly Golightly – Hypnotized;
Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe – Monochrome Wound;
Emma Ruth Rundle – Hand of God;
Emma Ruth Rundle – Light Song;
Distortion Tamers – Forty Miles of Bad Road;
Dead Moon – Forty Miles of Bad Road;
Eugene Chadbourne & Sunwatchers – Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs;
Rainy Day – John Riley;
The Dream Syndicate – She Turns to Flowers;
Marmalade – Rollin’ My Thing;
Marmalade – Reflections Of My Life;
The Three O’Clock – Tell Me When It’s Over.

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