Flashlite #744

Elles Bailey

New singing and songwriting today. We welcome back two ladies that we know well: Iris Dement, Eileen Jewell and Esther Rose. We introduce Amie Miriello and Vanessa Olivarez, together in Boys Club For Girls. Kate Redgate is from Boston, Brit Taylor is from Boise, ID, Elles Bailey is from Bristol UK, Helen Cronin is from Texas – all new names for us. Also two Canadian ladies: Bella White and Bria. Bria has started an interesting series of cover eps, and so today we hear her preform a John Cale classic.


Beth Bombara – I Only Cry When I’m Alone
Boys Club For Girls – Liar’s Land
Kate Redgate – Fools, Drunks & Liars
10000 Maniacs – Don’t Go Back To Rockville
Brit Taylor – For a Night
Eilen Jewell – Sea Of Tears
Carter Sampson – Fingers To The Bone
Elles Bailey – The Game
Esther Rose – Chet Baker
Joyce Street – That Man of Mine
Helen Cronin – Yesterday’s Heavy
Bella White – Break My Heart
Abbie Gardner – Once the Teardrops Start to Fall
Walkabouts – Buffalo Ballet
Bria – Buffalo Ballet
Iris Dement – Goin’ Down to Sing in Texas
Iris Dement – No Time To Cry