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Flashlite #116

Jamie LawsonToday we continue representing the Vacilando ’68 artists. We have three London based names: Mr. Ron Jetson, a one man band, and two rockin’ bands Thee Spivs and Dear Thief. Very interesting music scene from England and on V’68 roster! Jamie Lawson was an artist that we featured exactly 10 years ago in our show. Today, we hear he has a brand new hit single in Ireland. We check that out. Also, three legendary 80s rockers are back. Exene Cervenka and J. Mascis have new solo albums and REM has a new LP.

Glenn Danzig – Less Than Zero;
The Dead Milkmen – Big Lizard;
Personal And The Pizzas – I Want You;
Madness – Burning The Boats;
Mr. Ron Jetson – House of Strange;
Thee Spivs – All Day Long;
Dear Thief – Ceasar;
X – Highway 61 Revisited;
Exene Cervenka – I’ll Admit It Now;
J Mascis – Not Enough;
Sweet Apple – Never Came;
REM – Auctioneer;
REM – That Someone Is You;
Jamie Lawson – Fussy;
Jamie Lawson – I Wasn’t Expecting That;
The Plastic Pals – Theres Wind On The Moon;
Terry Melcher – Freeway Close.