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Flashlite #288

The Ugly BeatsWe have some hot reissues this time from the Numero Group. As a continuation of their Nikki Sudden reissues, we also now have the first Jacobites reissues, the first lp and Robespierre’s Velvet Basement. Another hot reissue on the same label is Texan hard rock band Josefus with their 1970 loud masterpiece Dead Man. We also have some interesting new records. Brian Olive, who used to be with The Greenhornes and Soledad Brothers, now has a new EP called Move. We introduce The Ugly Beats from Austin TX and Rat Columns for the first time at The Little Lighthouse. Rock’n’roll megastars J Mascis and Ty Segall have new records each and Mark Lanegan had put out the new EP as an advance for the upcoming new record in the Fall this year.

Bevis Frond – Begone;
Josefus – Situation;
Brian Olive – Kicking the Dirt;
Brian Olive – Left Side Rock;
Junior Kimbrough – I Gotta Try You Girl (Blues Alphabet);
Los Flecos – Los Gusanos;
The Ugly Beats – Los Gusanos;
Hollis Brown – Gipsy Cat Blues (Live in CLE);
Jacobites – Jacobites Grave Kings And Queens;
Jacobites – Fortune of Fame;
Lydia Lunch and Cypress Grove – Revolver;
Mark Lanegan And Isobel Campbell – Revolver;
Mark Lanegan Band – Jonas Pap;
J Mascis – Wide Awake;
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Vambo;
Ty Segall – The Faker;
Rat Columns – Another Day.

Flashlite #200

Tiny MigrantsToday’s show is concentrated on Australia. On the 40th anniversary of the greatest rock compilation ever, the original Nuggets, a bunch of Australian bands gathered to make a tribute these days. The tribute is entitled Nuggets Antipodean Interpolations of the First Psychedelic Era and it brings to us 27 bands from the new Australian garage rock scene. This time we bring two new names from that record: Tiny Migrants and Palms. Outside the compilation, but still from Australia, we have duet Digger and The Pussycats and the new supergroup consisted of two members from The Beasts of Bourbon and two members from The Drones. The band is called Spencer P. Jones and the Nothing Butts. From Europe, we have My Buddy Moose, Americana band from Rijeka, Croatia, with their new single and the new name from San Francisco scene Kelley Stoltz. But the biggest news this week is definitely Eric Burdon who joined forces with Greenhornes for the new, exciting EP!

The Rolling Stones – Time Waits For No One;
Mouse And The Traps – A Public Execution;
Tiny Migrants – A Public Execution;
Tiny Migrants – Fishpond Goldmine;
Palms – Love;
Palms – Don’t Look Back;
Remains – Don’t Look Back;
The Animals – When I Was Young;
Eric Burdon And The Greenhornes – Can You Win;
Digger And The Pussycats – I Hope You Don’t Mind About Your Sister;
Dead Sweaters – Spy (Live in CLE);
Spencer P. Jones And The Nothing Butts – Only a Matter of Time;
Kelley Stoltz – (My Baby Always Knows) What Time It Is;
My Buddy Moose – Fucking Boring;
Cheap Wine – Lost Inside;
Modern Superstitions – Bandits;
Mark Lanegan – Burn The Flames.

11. The Greenhornes – ****

The Greenhornes - ****Cincinnati band Greenhornes takes rock’n’roll back to the golden days of The Animals, Kinks and The Who. They don’t do it mechanically. Their songwriting is the key that makes this time travel an exciting experience. It is melancholic, and moody. This excellent concentration of talent was recognized back in 2005 by Jim Jarmusch who included their collaboration with Holly Golightly in his movie Broken Flowers. The band was busy with various side projects until this year that finally saw their first full length album in eight years. Four stars is a modest title. It’s five stars in my book.