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Flashlite #275

Black Math HorsemanIn our new show, we introduce singer songwriter Chuck Ragan, from Florida, with his new record Till Midnight. He writes in a more traditional format and another new name, Bart Davenport writes catchy power-pop tunes. He comes from Oakland, CA, and has quite a following in Spain. From Australia, we check out Nervous Trend and in London, Vacilando 68 record label sends us Piper’s Son. Black Math Horseman appeared on the Nirvana tribute In Utero, In Tribute, In Entirety, but in the mean time they managed to break up. In the end, we finish off with Scruffy The Cat, which was a cool 80s college rock band from Boston. Their singer Charlie Chesterman passed away on November 4th last year, and we pay a tribute to him.

Stan McMahon – For All Your Ills;
Doug Gillard – Your Eyes;
Death of Samantha – Couldn’t Forget About That;
Sweet Apple – Troubled Sleep;
Black Math Horseman – All Apologies;
Nirvana – All Apologies;
Purson – The Contract;
Son House – Death Letter Blues (Blues Alphabet);
Holly Golightly – Pistol Pete (Live in CLE);
Holy Golightly And The Brokeoffs – Pistol Pete;
Chuck Ragan – Non Typical;
Bart Davenport – Loop in My Head;
Cretin Stompers – Randy Kraft;
Nervous Trend – Written Record;
Piper’s Son – Mining;
Scruffy The Cat – Thomas Doubter;
Scruffy The Cat – Capital Moonlight.