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Flashlite #388

Thee Fine LinesToday we introduce three guys that have been playing together for 15 years now over in Springfield MO, but we hear them now for the first time: Thee Fine Lines. Mystery Lights came down from California to make a record at Daptone Studio and we check it out. There’s a new tribute to Tom Morgan’s Smudge album Manilow and we check it out. Cody Dickinson of The North Mississippi Allstars has a new solo record, he’s catching up to his brother’s impressive solo output.

Duke Ellington – Portrait of Wellman Braud;
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders – Stand Up and Sass Back;
Thee Fine Lines – Don’t Be So Cold;
Starling Electric – Permanent Vacation;
Those Pretty Wrongs – Mystery Trip;
The Mystery Lights – Without Me;
Two Am I – Impractical Joke Tim Rogers and Davey Lane;
Smudge – Impractical Joke;
100 Flowers – Head No Heart;
Cobra Verde – Stooges Medley (Live in CLE);
Cody Dickinson – Johnny B. Goode;
Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode;
Dr John – Danse Fambeaux;
The Safeties – No Fun;
Zerodent – Joy;
Sulfur City – Tie My Hands To The Floor;
Godfathers – I’m Lost And Then I’m Found;
Leyla McCalla – Far from Your Web (feat. Aurora Nealand)

Flashlite #207

King Gizzard and The Lizard WizardToday we explore connections of the new Australian psychedelic rock scene with Todd Rundgren. Tame Impala is a new band from over there that a lot of people were excited about last year. Their album Lonerism ended up on many year end lists right at the top positions. They even collaborated with Todd Rungren on one track and they covered the opening tune on his 70s masterpiece A Wizard A True Star. Another band, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard also showed up recently covering Todd’s song Open My Eyes, which he put out with his band Nazz on the famous Nuggets compilation. Also from Australia, we have a long time Evan Dando’s collaborator Tom Morgan with the new LP. London band The Barracudas, who had a minor surf hit in 1980 are back with a cool new 45. Also, we introduce Cleveland band Wolly Bullies in our Live in CLE segment.

Ian Hunter – Saint;
Spencer P. Jones and the Nothing Butts – Conditions Apply;
Tom Morgan – Taste for Blood;
Smudge – Divan;
Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams;
Tame Impala – International Feel;
Todd Rundgren – Tic Tic Tic You Need Your Head Rock’n’roll Pussy;
King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard – High Hopes Low;
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Open My Eyes;
Nazz – Open My Eyes;
Paul Revere and The Raiders – Hungry;
Wooly Bullies – Out Of My Head (Live in CLE);
Natural Child – Rock Bottom;
The Barracudas – Summer fun;
The Barracudas – God Bless the 45;
Jonathan Richman – Government Center;
Paul Kelly – To Her Door;
Paul Kelly – Cold As Canada;
The Windbreakers – I Thought You Knew.