March 6, 2008

Jim JonesIn this episode, we heard one song from the new album by Chuck Prophet where he covers Waylons Jennings’ Dreaming My Dreams song by song. It’s a very interesting project in which Prophet not only celebrates Waylon’s songwriting talent, but also twists musical genres and brings out surprising arrangements in each and every song. We quickly flip through the Manchild 3, graphic novel by Brian Walsby and hear songs by his band Double Negative and from the Melvins CD that comes free with Brian’s new book. We also have a brand new album out of Cleveland area, Introducing… by Living Stereo. Today’s show is dedicated to Jim Jones, Cleveland musician who was responsible for the mid-eighties sound of Pere Ubu. Jones died on February 25 in his home after a cardiac failure.

Metak – Ona voli strip junake;
The Rings – I Wanna Be Free;
Tarbox Ramblers – Hey Mr Straight;
Chuck Prophet – Bob Wills Is Still The King;
Danny and Dusty – Cast Iron Soul;
Quiet Melon – Engine 4444;
Double Negative – Techincally Disfigured;
Melvins – My Small % Shows Most;
Melvins – The Ballad of Dwights Frye;
Alice Cooper – The Ballad of Dwights Frye;
Dream Syndicate – The Ballad of Dwights Frye;
Living Stereo – Stop Now;
Pere Ubu – Race The Sun;
Willy DeVille – So So Real;
Paul Kelly – Right Outta My Head;
Textones – Vacation;
The Stems – Get So Bad.

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