Flashlite #107 – Best Albums in 2010

Sweet AppleEvery year about this time, The Little Lighthouse puts together a list of best albums that we rocked out at the show in the past year. This year is no exception. 2010 was quite exciting as far as the new albums go. I’d say that at least top 10 of the albums are modern classics, with all ingredients that a really big rock’n’roll record should have. I think it’s not so surprising that Sweet Apple with Love And Desperation took the number one. I was fortunate enough to see this album coming out of John’s sketches and forming into a full blown LP. But, even without that part, this record reminds us what a true rock record should be, without twists and frills. The real thing. The we also have Eamon McGrath as a surprising new songwriting talent and also Harlan T Bobo establishing himself as probably the greatest on in past 10 years. The rest of the list follows here:

01 Sweet Apple – Love And Desperation
02 Eamon McGrath – 13 Songs of Whiskey and Light
03 Harlan T Bobo – Sucker
04 Apache – Radical Sabbatical
05 Peter Case – Wig!
06 smRts – Sun Sets On A New Tomorrow
07 Endless Boogie ‎- Full House Head
08 Slummers – Love of the Amateur
09 Tav Falco And Unapproachable Panther Burns – Conjurations
10 Pierced Arrows – Descending Shadows
11 Greenhornes – Four Stars
12 Sid Selvidge – I Should Be Blue
13 Luther Dickinson & The Sons Of Mudboy – Onward & Upward
14 Glossary – Feral Fire
15 Limes – Rhinestone River
16 Kate Maki – Two Song Wedding
17 Mike Watt – Hyphenated-Man
18 The Parting Gifts – Strychnine Dandelion
19 Steve Wynn – Northern Aggression
20 Nobunny – First Blood
21 Demon’s Claws – The Defrosting of…
22 Kropotkins – Paradise Square
23 The Parties – Coast Garde
24 Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – Medicine County
25 Nick Curran And The Lowlifes – Reform School Girl

We go from number 25 up to number one counting down using the playlist below.

Nick Curran And The Lowlifes – Rocker;
Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs – Eyes In The Back Of My Head;
The Parties – Let’s Call It Love;
The Kropotkins – Little Drag Racer;
Demon’s Claws – Last Time at the Pool;
Nobunny – Never Been Kissed;
Steve Wynn And The Miracle 3 – On The Mend;
The Parting Gifts – My Baby Tonight;
Mike Watt – Arrow Pierced Egg;
Kate Maki – In Comes the Light;
Limes – Rhinestone River;
Glossary – The Natural State;
Luther Dickinson And The Sons of Mudboy – Angel Band;
Sid Selvidge – Don’t Make Promises (You Can’t Keep);
The Greenhornes – Let the World Behind;
Pierced Arrows – Buried Alive;
Tav Falco and The Panther Burns – Tango Fatale;
The Slummers – Rift Valley Evolutionary Blues;
Endless Boogie – Empty Eye;
smRts – Lenin’s Funeral March;
Peter Case – Colors of Night;
Apache – Bad Kids;
Harlan T Bobo – Hamster in a Cage;
Eamon McGrath – Welcome to the Heart;
Sweet Apple – Can’t See You.

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