Flashlite #152 – The Best of 2011 – pt 3

RainerThe third part of our “Best of 2011” series brings you the best short forms in the past year in the first half of the show. I mean by that eps, singles, mini albums and so on. The second half of the show is all about reissues and albums that were issued last year, but were recorded much earlier. The absolute stand out in that batch last year was in my mind one of the last recordings (if not the last recording) of Rainer Ptacek mere weeks before his death back in 1997. Best short forms and reissues are otherwise lined up in a random free-form order. I did not attempt to chart them.

Michelle Shocked – Streetcorner Ambassador;
Bäddat För Trubbel – Inte Bocka Och Buga;
Personal & The Pizzas – I Want You;
Ty Segall – Salamanda Palaganda;
Wolf People – Silbury Sands;
Reigning Sound – Not Far Away;
Fleshtones – Remember The Ramones;
Cody Chesnutt – Come Back Like Spring;
Damien Youth – Satelites At Seven;
The Beach Boys – Surf’s Up;
Screaming Trees – Anita Grey;
The Normals – Don’t Pick Me;
Lou Reed – Caroline Says;
The Rolling Stones – Imagination;
Bobby Charles – Small Town Talk;
Rainer with Joey Burns and John Convertino – Now I Know Better;
Rainer with Joey Burns and John Convertino – (Tasted Better Going Down) Valerie;
Mikal Cronin – Is It Alright.

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