Flashlite #168 – Interview with K. Simpson, the author of “Early ’70s Radio”

Early '70s RadioToday’s episode has a completely different format than the other episodes of The Little Lighthouse. The entire show is a bit longer today and it’s fully dedicated to one book. The book is called Early ’70s Radio, The American Format Revolution and it’s written by the good friend of our show Kim Simpson from Austin TX. Some of you may remember him as a solo artist and as a band leader of The Mad Dukes. He was a guest on our show a few years ago in Salt Lake City. Today he and I chat about his book about the early ’70s radio in USA, what led to it and how it influenced the world around it and the radio of today. The book is a result of Kim’s several years of research and it’s based on his doctoral dissertation in media studies. Although it’s an informative and detailed academic work, it is also full with trivia and stories about forgotten moments in history of pop music that it feels as if shopping in a fun thrift shop. We also had Kim playing on his guitar five ’70s medleys which parallel the chapters of the book. So, we hope this is will be fun for you all and perhaps you will also consider getting Kim’s book as well. All info about the book can be found on Kim’s blog www.early70sradio.com.

All songs performed by Kim Simpson:
Rubber Duckie;
Brand New Key;
You’re Having My Baby;
School’s Out;
We’re an American Band;
Walk on the Wild Side;
Close to You;
Fire and Rain;
I Am Woman;
(For God’s Sake) Give More Power to the People;
Living for the City;
Me and Mrs. Jones;
The Fightin’ Side of Me;
Uneasy Rider;
Behind Closed Doors.

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