Flashlite #199 – Vinyl Junkyard 5

SpitballsToday is the time for the fifth edition of our occasional special called Vinyl Junkyard in which I represent one record that I’ve found laying lonesome in some dusty bargain bin for a ridiculously small amount of money, but that brings a lot of wonderful listening pleasure. Today’s record is put together back in 1978 by Beserkley Records, and indie label that employed at the time diverse bands such as The Modern Lovers, Earth Quake, Greg Kihn, Tyla Gang and The Rubinoos. One of the most precious releases by the Beserkley Records was a compilation record entitled Spitballs where all of the Beserkley roster joined forces and in ad hoc line ups recorded some of their favorite songs from the rock’n’roll past. The results are fun to listen and in this show, we will compare the covers with the original tunes.


Them – I Can Only Give You Everything;
Spitballs – I Can Only Give You Everything (Royse Adler of the Rubinoos);
Spitballs – Bad Moon Rising (Sean Tyla);
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising;
The Bobby Fuller Four – Let Her Dance;
Spitballs – Let Her Dance (Gary Phillips of Earth Quake);
Spitballs – I Want Her So Bad (Tommy Dunbar of The Rubinoos);
Spitballs – Telstar;
The Tornados – Telstar;
The Temptations – Way Over There;
Spitballs – Way over there (Asa Brebner of the Modern Lovers);
Spitballs – Chapel of love (Jonathan Richman);
The Dixie Cups – Chapel of Love;
Wilson Pickett – Knock on wood;
Spitballs – Knock on wood (Sean Tyla and Jon Doukas of Earth Quake);
Spitballs – Just like me (Jon Rubin of the Rubinoos);
Paul Revere and The Raiders – Just Like Me;
The Who – Boris the Spider;
Spitballs – Boris the Spider (Rubinoos drummer Donn Spindt);
Spitballs – Feel so good (John Doukas of Earthquake);
The Move – Feel Too Good;
Spitballs – Batman;
Disciplina Kicme – Betmen.

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