Flashlite #257 – The Best Short Forms in 2013

short formsThis is the third instalment of our “best of 2013″ lists. Today we cover the best short forms, and here we count the best 7” singles, eps, mini LPs and so on. Our list is in no particular order today, we just spin some cool short forms.

Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – Money Talks;
Turf War – Pay My Dues;
The Cry – T.C.P.;
The Connection – Crawling from the Wreckage of a Saturday Night ;
Varsity Drag – Let’s Electrify;
Eamon McGrath – Uninvited Guest;
Grant Hart – Is The Sky The Limit;
The dB’s – pH Factor;
The Replacements – Busted Up;
Sweet Apple (feat. Mark Lanegan) – Wish You Could Stay;
Dead Milkmen – Mary Ann Cotton (The Poisoner’s Song);
Motel Mirrors – Your Tender Loving Care;
Shannon McNally – String of Hearts;
English Singles – Bitter End;
Iris and the Deadly Flowers – Have love will travel;
Bassholes – 21st Century Hobo Blues;
Natural Child – CRS Blues.

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