The Strungs – Nothing Is Possible (Tinhorn Planet)

GamesIf you live in Kerhonkson NY, it takes you two hours to get to Manhattan by car. If you can find a parking spot, you can hang out over there. So, you’re not quite in the center of New York City, but you’re also not quite upstate either. If you start a rock’n’roll band, you probably have the same chance of becoming the new Strokes as any other band in the USA. And who would even want that in the first place?

The Strungs are a duet that comes from Kerhonkson. On the back of their new record Nothing is Possible the photo is taken on a deck. One of the band members is pessimistically looking into the distance, while the other one greets imaginary crowd with a peace sign. They maybe just finished the mix of their new record in their bedroom a moment ago. That’s precisely the sound on the record. Perhaps the whole thing is recorded on a digital four track and microphones are from the previous century.

But don’t get hung up on technology. Nothing is Possible romps through the 18 tracks, most under two minutes, with the arena rock confidence. Catchy tunes will capture your attention beyond the cheap lo-fi background. Nothing is always possible, but you will more than likely to get into this.

The first track on the album is Listening to Your Twenty Year Old Records. Taking the time machine backwards, it’s not hard to imagine that the twenty year old records on their turntable were Alien Lanes and Bee Thousand. Possible?

Get the music at bandcamp.

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