Flashlite #309 – The Best Reissues in 2014

Deaf WishToday’s show is dedicated mainly to my favorite reissues this year. The two comps I enjoyed the most were Mojo’s Heavy Nuggets III and Numero Group’s Warfaring Strangers Darkscorch Canticles, as a roadmap to the new band on some cool underground hard rock from the seventies. There were some excellent power pop reissues as well. Anyway, dive into today’s show for a complete list. Also, about a third of today’s show is dedicated to songs from some cool albums which did not make our top 20 albums, but were still cool enough to mention. This concludes our year end review, and we go back to our regularly irregular programming starting next week.

Il Sogno Del Marinaio – Stucazz;
The Tunes – Fits Like A Glove;
Epicycle – Biological Reaction;
Nikki Sudden – Stereo Baby;
Josephus – Crazy Man;
The Flsh Eaters – Cyrano De Berger’s Back;
Paul Westerberg – A Few Minutes of Silence;
Grant Hart – Remains To Be Seen;
Morgen – Welcome to the Void;
Wrath – Warlord;
Amen Corner – Hello Susie;
The Wigs – 180 Degrees;
Blues Pills – High Class Woman;
James Williamson (feat Mark Lanegan and Alison Mosshart) – Wild Love;
Chris Cacavas and Edward Abbiati – Me and the Devil;
Leadfinger – You’re So Strange;
The Forty Nineteens – Falling Down;
Ben Vaughn – Heavy Machinery;

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