Tav Falco – Command Performance

Tav Falco - Command PerformanceTav Falco’s book on Memphis Ghosts Behind Sun: Splendour Enigma and Death begins as a story narrated by the city itself, continues with a detailed and informed description of the city’s rock scene and throughout it’s never clear if it’s the city itself telling the story, Tav Falco or his alter ego Eugene Baffle. That’s what Tav Falco really is – uncatchable non-stop art concept.

That unapproachable art concept moved recently from Memphis to Europe. Tav Falco’s Panther Burns are now consisted usually of Italian musicians and it’s been like that for the last two albums. Still, the sound is unmistakably American and Memphis.

Amongst many covers the original song Whistle Blower stands out as a rarely political tune in Tav Falco’s opus. Other original tunes are more similar to the world-trotting mood of the previous album Conjurations. The second life of this exciting album happened during the US tour this year when Mike Watt joined the Panther Burns for the first time. The maestro of bass guitar was so captured by the sound of this album that he wanted to participate in creating it on stage.

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