Faux Killas – Gravy

Faux Killas - GravyJust when you think rock’n’roll is ready to be sent into history as a past musical expression that has nothing to offer to a new generation of listeners, a band like Faux Killas shows up to prove us wrong. Rock’n’roll is not dead, it just smells funny.

So here they are, four young boys from Memphis, blasting their instruments real loud, producing the catchiest new album of the season without a label, in the best tradition of Memphis rock with their eye view set for future.

The sound is heartfelt and comes straight from garage. It’s a little less wild than Oblivians, but owing equally to the underground and above the ground traditions of Memphis sound. There’s a good sense of humor (song entitled The Boogie is only minute and a half long), hard rocking blues in Leaving You will leave rock puritans full of satisfaction and let’s face it, When You Get Wild is a new generational anthem, only nobody told that yet to the generation.

The band is at the beginning of their discographic activity. The album was recorded in Summer of 2015 and available on the Faux Killas bandcamp page. It’s only available as a CD as of December 2015. They boys are doing it all on their own. I can only hope that they have enough strength and enthusiasm to continue surprising us in the years to come. Rock’n’roll is not dead, this years it smells like Gravy.

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