Flashlite #515

Vanessa Morris of CakefightWe are reaching the end of this year in a steady beat of Cakefight from Melbourne, Australia. The Marked Men come from Denton Texas, and we introduce them for the first time today. Also, The Berries are new to us as well as Irish singer songwrter Paul McCann. Andrew Combs makes a cover of Strokes and survives it. Gentle Cycle had a record over a year ago and it fell through the cracks so we check it out this time. Ohio singer-songwriter Chris Butler is back with two brand new albums out on Smog Veil and we sample a song from each of those records.

Ian McLagan and The Bump Band – You’re My Girl;
The Marked Men – She Won’t Know;
Cakefight – Get Up and Leave;
The Lemon Twigs – This Is My Tree;
The Berries – Waitin’ Around for you;
Paul McCann – Scarecrow;
Ghost – Witch Image;
Painted Doll – She Talks to Mirrors;
The Byrds – Lady Friend;
Tony Molina – I’m Not Down;
Richard Thompson – The Rattle Within;
Andrew Combs – Reptilia;
The Gentle Cycle – She Came This Way;
Ty Segall – The Loner;
Neil Young And The Crazy Horse – The Loner;
Chris Butler – Millions and Millions (Chain Reaction);
Chris Butler – Better Than I Ever Was;
Rod Stewart – You’re My Girl (Instrumental).

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