Flashlite #538

Abby Travis (Sumo Princess)

One of the heaviest episodes in the history of The Little Lighthouse. We start off with Valley of The Sun from Cincinnati, OH with their new album. White Denim are also back, with their second album within a year. In Greece, 1000mods scream out their lungs. In LA, we introduce Big Business, in San Francisco, Acid King and in Boise ID, Cerberus Rex. Abby Travis is back with her new duet with Gene Trautmann, under the moniker of Sumo Princess. Legendary Suzi Quatro is back with the new, exciting record too. Take that headbangers!

Valley of The Sun – Shiva Destroys;
Valley of the Sun – Firewalker;
White Denim – Small Talk (Feeling Control);
Datura4 – Ooh Poo Pah Doo;
1000mods – Electric Carve;
Big Business – Let Them Grind;
Melvins – Black Heath;
Tad – Thistle Suit;
Sumo Princess – Crooked Plow;
Suzi Quatro – Macho Man;
Hedvig Mollestad Trio – Beastie, Beastie;
Acid King – Infinite Skies;
Cerberus Rex – Strains The Line.

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