Flashlite #767


New music from Beatles, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Roger Waters, Willie Nelson, Iggy Pop, Chip Taylor and Zombies isn’t bad. But also isn’t good. Is it relevant? Is it more than just a reminiscent to old time? And is old time hiding a secret that can’t ever be recovered? New music from veterans is bringing more questions than answers. It would be a pity to ignore it. But it’s also not easy to be too serious about it.


The Beatles – Yer Blues
The Beatles – Now and Then
The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever
Roger Waters – The Great Gig In The Sky
Pink Floyd – Corporal Clegg
Rolling Stones – Bite My Head Off
Rolling Stones – Midnight Rambler
Iggy Pop – Morning Show
Iggy Pop – Cold Metal
Zombies – Hung Up On A Dream
Zombies – The Sun Will Rise Again
Van Morrison – Beyond Words
Van Morrison – You Don’t Pull No Punches
Chip Taylor – Lost Pictures
Evie Sands – Any Way That You Want Me
Willie Nelson – The Chokin’ Kind
Willie Nelson – Funny How Time Slips Away
Ardent – Dance in the Smoke